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User Review

A very good plan, provided to associate it with a subwoofer - Reviews ADAM S3X-V

Value For Money : Excellent
Three ways to a still reasonable budget.

Hifi use only.


The curve is slightly upward of origin; but after slight attenuation of acute, everything falls into place, and the overall balance is impeccable. Transparency is excellent. Only downside: no subwoofer, the bass is a bit short and tense, tainting the rest of the return: that is why I quickly bought the box Adam Sub 12 This changes everything! By filtering pregnant at 85 Hz, as permitted by the box, they are gaining real momentum and fluidity; they flourish, and has a very good bass that goes down to about 30 Hz (more than enough in an untreated room ...).

In the end, compared to my previous system, purely stereo, and much more expensive (Dynaudio confidence 5 and gryphon tabu), restitution is very honest, very transparent, but less embodied and "present" the tweeter and the midrange "Esotar "from Dynaudio are therefore quite unequaled point of view, but I still can not determine if they do not make" too much "(small highlighted the upper midrange?).

In short, listening a little less "juicy", but in fact very true.


After nearly nine months of use, I am very satisfied with the system s3xv adam + sub 12; by against, you really associate pregnant a box: the only fish pregnant by a refund too typical bass reflex with a serious unnatural and mid-high that suffers (lack of fluidity). Subject to this, honesty in restitution and excellent transparency. A small deficit of presence compared to my old system, but I do not know where the truth!

One thing is certain, the price quality ratio of the system (the box being very accessible) is exceptional: you can really listen to music without frustration and without breaking the bank!

While there are certainly other higher-level systems, I would do it again this choice: we must set a limit, and compromise seems ideal.