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Behringer Truth B1031A user opinions?


I'm considering purchasing studio monitors and to my surprise, heard good things about the B1031As. Have any of you had any experience? What do they do well/poorly? Are they worth the price in your opinion?
Behringer's monitors sound surprisingly good. I own the same pair and can say, above all, the low end is quite impressive (moreso than mids and highs). Eventually, mine had issues blowing fuses, and ended up with a fried circuitboard after 2 years of use.

This might not happen to you, but in general this is what Behringers are known for. Budget equipment that doesn't sound bad but could come back to bite you after a few short years (sometimes not durable and a bit unreliable).

Lots of people would suggest KRK Rokits in similar price ranges, but they have excessively, borderline harsh high ends and don't have a very flat response rate. With monitors it's a bit subjective, but above all, if you can't make a satisfactory mixdown now, then no speaker will change that. hope that helps
behringer is trash, and even when it's good it does not last long. go for any yamaha's in the same price range

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