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User Review

Well - Reviews Behringer Truth B2031A

For technical specifications please refer to the information sheet Audiofanzine ;)

What motivated my choice is the price (80 euros in hand) and the size of the boomers (much larger than many other speakers at the same price).


These speakers sound hifi I think.
I was fortunate to have the frequency response curves of the speakers when I bought it. The mine has a low enough in low and therefore a slight bump in the treble.
So I think they lack bass but they are fairly neutral to leave it.

The stereo image is good especially as it has a gain knob that allows each speaker knew then rebalance the stereo speaker if one is stronger than the other.

They also have different filter rééqualiser depending on the room or you are.

The dynamic is good.


I have one year from now. I am very happy.

I tried the Alesis M1 MK2 Activ which is a lot more bass a little too much, I think my Behringer more balanced level of the spectrum.
Value / unbeatable price.

What I like most is the filter on each speaker that is complete and works well. We can even mutate severe and / or acute. The gain is very convenient for the stereo balance.

What bothers me is the lack of bass.

I think these are good speakers near to start, I Refer this choice without hesitation.