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User Review

Well ... once properly set - Reviews Behringer Truth B2031A

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
For what purpose and in what context do you use this product? For how long?
Use to mix and mastering, since more than 6 years.

Have you tried other competing products before buying it?
Yes, M-Audio (ref forgotten by now) that apparently sounded good but had a significant lack in the bottom - the compensation performed at the qual. rendered inaudible mix on other systems.

The B2031 does not have this problem and allow to obtain true mix ... once you set them correctly.

Yeah, we do not talk much, but walk around and admire the beast back panel to get good sound, we have to address all of these switches.
And no, the perfect sound does not come out as if by magic as soon as the branch, welcome to the real world, sorry ... Care Bears

In my case, after several years of use, I have adopted the following settings:
Low Frequency: 0 dB
Room Compensation: 0 dB
High Frequency - 4 dB
Input trim to "-5" (just before "midi" which corresponds to 0dB if you prefer)
Power Mode: On.La position "Auto fact that they automatically shut when not in use (a nod to a previous poster).
Low and high Mute: Off

The mix that came loaded low before these adjustments are balanced now.
I still have yet to experience the Room Compensation, but hey, the best is the enemy of the good it seems ...

What are the things you enjoy most and least?

Pregnant toasted once (full mix of a project course).
The electrician who repaired was not impressed by the quality of the components used.
When reassembling the electronic box on the cabinet, the threads were stripped, it took bricoler.A the opportunity, take a look time to time to check that everything is always securely stowed (that is, you are now warned).

Since the time I listen to music (my own, that of radio, CD, DVD, etc ...), they are now my reference, my ears somehow.
Change to "better" would mean having to "recalibrate" which takes some time and the goal is to make Zique ultimately.
Plus, it is so well regulated that they are entirely satisfactory.

Titus accuracy: purchased (misery) secondhand to a friend who had found him at the same thing-cash-express, so at least a third hand.

Will I do it again this choice? Well, frankly ... yes.