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User Review

Very good - Reviews Dynaudio BM6A

My choice was motivated by their size, power, reputation, plus I found them secondhand.
I use them as studio monitors. But sometimes also as PA system for vernissages at art venues, their precision is great in reverberating spaces, like churches.
No volume control.
No speaker protection.


Like everybody else, I rediscovered the mixes I had done with my MSP5! Now I mix with both and the mixes sound good on both of them and my headphones (Sennheiser HD25-1), they sound fine anywhere.
I'd say they are not enough on their own, but I do 90% of the work with them, the MSP5s I use only to give the mixes the finishing touches because they always highlight whatever sounds aggressive.


I've been using them since 2004. I don't know any other speakers, except my MSP5.
I would buy them again, but I would also like to hear some other models.