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User Review

JackLudden's review - Dynaudio BM6A

I got these monitors based upon a recommendation from a friend that they were accurate and smooth sounding. I was a bit disappointed. As they are active they don't require an external power amp. They are small enough to fit on a desk or smaller speaker stands. I wanted another pair of active reference monitors on which to check mixes in my studio. They were connected to my DAW running Sonar.


I did not find the frequency curve to be neutral. It seemed to me as if the highs were unnecessarily hyped. This gave me extra ear fatigue during extended listening. Also the bass didn't seem to extend as low as I'd hoped. The stereo image is fair - not amazingly clear but not too indistinct either. Dynamics are good on these speakers - the transients seem quite crisp.


I used these for a few months but have since sold them. I felt that the frequency response was not quite flat enough and I couldn't judge the bass reliably. In addition, I would question the manufacturing consistency. There was definitely a slight difference in the response between the two speakers that I had. One seemed to have more prominent upper mids than did the other, which made it additionally difficult to make a clear and balanced stereo mix. I liked the way they responded to dynamics and their look. They do seem modern and stylish on the outside. I have used a wide array of monitors. For the price, it's a fair deal. I personally feel it's worth getting a slightly more expensive pair than this range however, since monitors are one of the most important pieces in your studio. I wouldn't get them again, because I felt there are better monitors out there for a similar price.