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[Bien débuter] Which speakers should you buy? - forum Active Monitor

Which speakers should you buy?
The time has come to buy a pair of monitor speakers for your home studio, but you don't know which ones you should choose? Do's and don'ts.

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Some valid points for such a condensed article.
However, contrary to common belief (and mine until recently), 'active' isn't synonymous with amplified: it refers to the fact that the filters/crossover are before the amplifier. You can have amplified passive speakers and non-amplified active speakers.
The author advises to listen rather than decide on specs, and quite rightly so. Now that i have made the mistake more times than not, i would add to that: listen rather than trust reviews or tests in the specialized press.
Finally, it is worth keeping in mind that the cost of the monitors you are about to buy from a retailer is less than the VAT alone. That's right, they usually cost about 10-20% of the retail price to make. Those 7000€ monitors from that very professional monitor company you've been dreaming of use 20€ tweeters and car subs for woofers. So bear in mind when you are paying 400€ a pair you might be getting components no better than what you put in your car.
True, "active" is a misuse of language, but the majority say it (many shops/manufacturers for example). So, I think it is simpler to say "active" to a rookie, even if it's not always true.

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