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User Review

Anonymous's review - JBL 4312A

JBL remains master in this MATIRE! JBL is info that invented the monitor here more than 40 years.
JBL is an assembler like many but a real manufacturer which manufactures all its equipments.
The 4312 is a concentrated technology that dates back to the 70's. This speaker does not even itch it, listen to a Gibson guitar on a Marshall, sings with overwhelming dynamics, rapidity of execution of the notes is impressive on a FENDER AMPEG has hit hard and fast, and the Hammond organ, its transitional mdiums so difficult to reproduce you transcend the Leslie is in front of you! These speakers are justices of the peace, a linearity unusual, they really let anything pass, gender breath of the singer before his Shure SM58!
They must be fed with a good amplifier mos fet transistors 2 x 200w kind QSC AUDIO, Mc INTOSH, CROWN, or LUXMAN + pramplificateurs tubes. 43 This series has been around the world, 70% of Supertramp Hallyday discs through BB King and Eric Clapton have another t enregistrs with this monitor.
Audiophiles is the individual are appropriate for their shows!
In 2000 the demand for many audiophiles JBL refabriqu this enclosure under the reference number 4312MK2 Black finish or wood.
PRESTIGE AUDIO VIDEO has devoted her a prestigious reporting.

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Frquence the curve is more than perfect. This speaker is from the highly professional technology more draconian than Hi Fi.
The image is stro stupfiante;
the sound is a rare realism, the instruments are all WELL in place, the concert begins.
the dynamics is such a concert facade, it is in production, not reproduction is pro!


I use this place for over 25 years but youthful indiscretion, I sold my 4312.
when I saw that COBRA possdait a large contingent, I very quickly reserv. I got the desti- nations most recently because it was a studio Street and mlomanes audiophiles and connoisseurs !!
What I like most is the dynamic
least, nothing!
great price quality ratio (13000f pair)
Without a doubt, if I find new and February 1 very own pair, the purchase is insured! (To speculate)