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User Review

mattera91's review - JBL 4312A

I for my part, the B version (no problem demagnetization to fear), used a quick e w 2 x 110 effective. The boomer is not passively filtered on these versions, hence the invigorating spontaneity .... Ideal for chronic depression! Personal, home use in a room of 9m2, at levels sometimes indecent for the environment ...


What can I say that everything has been said about them? Each Internet forumeur below, proud owner of these speakers, has, I believe, bring out their main quality is above all, to summarize, life and the generosity of the music ...

Even if I am lucky to have as real monsters among the most prestigious brand, I find in this volume, they combine the essential qualities (especially precision and vividness of the spectrum), those who are pleased to listening to modern music at home. The dynamic is quite the appointment, and powerful enough amps do not scare them.

Do not look for the low bass on this model, there is not, it's a deliberate choice of the manufacturer the benefit of the speed and performance, and it's not worse. Anyway, it will always be illusory to try to reproduce the core of an organ in this volume. All we get to win a few hertz, it is a slow and a lack of performance would not be acceptable to the basic qualities required.

So no frustration in this area, because the laws of physics are a must, knowing that everything is a matter of compromise, and what loses a little on this side, we find happiness with a bonus on the essential criteria.


What I like most? clarity and speed, they leave nothing in the shadows .. What I like least? compared to the most prestigious models of the brand, a character can be said too, but in any case less than the older versions that lacked finesse at the top.

I know almost the entire range hifi and pro brand, I am a real passionate bulimic.

The quality / price / pleasure seems unbeatable. This choice is recommended without reservation unless exclusive fans of classical music, who prefer a sound stage with more perspective, with some "sentimentality" (uncritically) to dream, completely absent on this model.