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User Review

Fred The Shred's review - JBL 4312A

I bought a pair of JBL 4312a 4 months ago for 650 euros (which is the average cte, now) they are MODELS 1991 (very important! The tweeter MODEL used varies depending on the year of manufacture and high cutoff frquence also consquent!) trs trs in good state for their age. JBL is tough!

These are passive speakers Troyes channels, impdance 8 ohms, sensitivity 96 dB, 1W @ 1M, the finish is "flat black".

I use in studio monitoring (ProTools) with an NAD 3220 PE in amplification. I also branch config 5.1 and Dolby surround another time on a big Onkyo audio / video.

As with any passive speaker, marriage with the amp is quite dlicat although the color remains substantially the same gnrale an amp on the other (I also have an old dual mono SETTON alternating with the NAD). In all cases it is necessary even when a lot of power for both driver that HP 30cm psent them all prs only 60% of the total weight of the enclosure (whew!)


In addition to quality indniables Aesthetics (they have the same head that the speakers found in the rooms of upscale fifth trs .... what!) These speakers poss rponse a tooth in a relatively tight frquence (35Hz 22 KHz) and fairly balance across the spectrum.

There actually a rsonnance to 5 kHz and mdiums of Manir gnrale are frankly forward. Default (or quality?) That can be corrected with the two knobs aisment correction (Mid and TREB) disposs in faade (It is interesting to note that when a the two knobs is 0, the HP corresponding time.

Stereo image is excellent, with a center fantme trsraliste spacialiss goods and treble (ah, the rverbs!) But be careful! should be well placed in the local costs because all medium / high rev is directional (the opening is 110)! I got personal best in the rsultats plaant far enough from the point of costs (2 to 3 meters around) which has an area of ​​consquence costs far more cohrente in the top end ..... and then as they are far little send level and is the fte.

The dynamics are impressive, the highs are trsars (hey, it's not as prcis DMES as titanium, but hey ...), down mdiums is tense and pr cis (kick hello!) especially a good listening level. Moreover it down enough at the bottom to allow good CONTRL bass to the mix or mastering for example.

Home cinma in config, the timbre of the voice is just trs, moods and dynamics ralistes offers beautiful sensations (you can even dye sub ...)


I use fawn intensive since 4 months and I think I fell in love ...

What I love is their precision and in prsence mdiums just in the minds of NS10 with HP papers (the lower and more!) And personality! Mention specially for HP JBL 30cm (the white!): This velvet! There that will make a phone "mlody nelson" (it is in the mouth gainsbourg), or a stroke of "Beat it" (the solo of Eddie Van Halen and Pearl litralement pregnant), or a good old AC / DC like "Back in Black" (Angus is the pice ...) to be convinced. What is funny is that the quality of the productions of 70/80 (on the good disks means ..) is rvlent carrment on these forums! with a good turntable is paradise ....

Moreover, we can not say that the 4312A are the speakers really transparent, but it's what makes them always a little quality in the minds of NS10. When the costs, we hear the speaker, the HPs, but it's what makes them charming, I think. But let's not forget that the basis is the monitoring even if poss some audiophiles have in their living room (the Japanese are crazy !!!).

In short, what the price (and if they are found, hhh ...) is a steal! ACCS and was the monitoring speakers (used in many pro studios for years) for the price of two Tannoy Reveal (the joke ...) I compare a pair of Genelec 1031 active (same studio, same listening level) and there's no photo ... The JBLs prevail at The definition, clarity and not to mention the vibrant color and fun to MUCH ....

So I would do without this choice problem especially in this price range, the thing is that we must place and have deaf neighbors.

ah! There's so one problem is the weight (22kg pice, ouch!) but hey, it's the same problem with a marshall amp body lamps 3, c ' is cumbersome and annoying but it carried with a record that has 80% of the 30 best albums produced dernires year!

short, you'll understand what the 4312 did not have the most part of home studio speakers of today: a me!