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User Review

Clean design, bass has issues at high volumes - Reviews JBL LSR2328P

The JBL LSR 2328 P is a bi-amped powered studio monitor that is very affordable and has a clean design. They have a frequency response of 44 hz – 18 kHz with a low frequency extension of 37 Hz. There are controls on them for input level, low frequency adjust and high frequency adjust. They are not very big standing only 15.5 inches tall and 10 inches wide. But they have a nice weight to them (almost 30 pounds). They can be mounted though I just had them on my workstation table top and they still sounded great without any acoustic treatment under them.


The sound quality is very clean, the low end is pretty tight but can get to be too much when turned up to high volumes so most of the time I would only mix the low end at very low volumes to get it as clean as I possibly could.


If the low end sound was a little cleaner when turned up to high volumes I would say that these are some of the best speakers you can get in this price range but that is where I feel like they differ from the KRK G2 speakers. The sounds are almost identical except for the low end and especially at high volumes you can hear a huge difference. If you are going to spend the money to have these monitors I suggest just getting the G2’s from KRK because you will have a way better sound on the low end. Unless the low end isn’t that important to you.
The speaker itself has a nice finish on it and looks great in the studio being a matte/metallic black. It does not scratch easily either and will keep its shine throughout the time the user has it. I like these speakers a lot just not the low end when turned up.