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User Review

Good sound at a high price - Reviews JBL LSR4328P

The JBL LSR4328P is a pair of studio monitors that come with a wireless remote. I did not like the wireless remote idea at first but after I was in the studio and had a chance to work with these monitors first hand I realized that having a remote to control them was a great feature that I have never experienced before. These monitors have handles on the side of them so you can move them from one place to another easily; they also allow you to get them at the perfect position and find that “sweet spot” in the monitors that all engineers and musicians love. These monitors to me are more for mixing or mastering purposes and not for general listening or playing purposes because of the sound they put out. It is a very flat sound, but that is perfect to work with for creating your mixes or masters.


These monitors are easy to set up, they are just like any other pair of monitors that you purchase and set up. The only difference is that these have buttons on the front of them and a built in dB meter so you can see if your sound is clipping or how loud it actually is. This feature is a good feature to have but it is not something that I must have to work on a song.


The price of the LSR4328 Monitors is pretty high; it cost over 1,500 dollars for the pair and then another 200 just to have a warranty from JBL on them. We had to purchase the warranty because there is no way we would take the chance with spending that much money on monitors and they could blow a month later. So we are almost 1,800 dollars in the hole with these monitors. They have provided us with some great features and sound to work with. But I just really don’t feel like they should be worth that kind of money. Especially considering the fact that the low end sound is not as heavy or thick as I would like it to be, I have other monitors that I love using as well and they cost about half what these cost.