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User Review

Natural Sounding Monitors - Reviews KRK RP8 G3

I previously had two sets of monitors and just wanted a third pair because I love speakers, so I got the KRK Rokit 8s. Before purchasing them somebody warned that these may be too much for a bedroom producer like me; the guy was absolutely right...but I love them.
The Rokit 8s are ported, powered speakers meaning there's no need for an external amp. They have a 1 inch tweeter with 25 watts of power behind and an 8 inch woofer with 75 watts of power behind. The rear of the speaker has a frequency adjustment knob, low frequency knob, volume knob, an unbalanced RCA knob, a balanced 1/4 inch TRS input, a balanced XLR input and a power switch. The build quality is super, the finishing is lovely, they look great in my home studio and they are heavy weighing in at just over 11KG each.


Firstly these monitors are huge. I had to get a new table to accommodate them in my setup because they take up quite a bit of space. I had to fiddle around with them but once I adjusted my room setup, got my chair and new desk just right, I found the sweet spot and I can testify that the sound produced by these speakers is magnificent. The bass in particular stands out. The low frequency control is very handy for me because I work in a very small space and have my speakers close to a wall so I can adjust the bass when it starts to build up. The stereo image on these is spot on once you find the sweet spot. Another thing to take note of is that these babies are loud. I've had them for a few months but I've never raised the volume to the maximum level.

I use them with a balanced TRS cables with my Komplete 6 and Mbox 3 Mini interfaces, the sound is great through both of them. Most importantly the sound is crisp and pristine on these speakers. I've mostly used them for hip hop and dance music but I occasionally work with quieter types of music and it sounds equally good. They produce a very natural sound and mixing with them is truly a pleasure.


I have 2 other sets of monitors but by far the Rokit 8s are my favourite. They have a deep and thumpy bass response which is perfect for me because I work mostly on hip hop and dance music, which are both genres that rely on bass and drums. The rest of the frequency spectrum is also very well represented. The sound that they produce is clean and relatively flat and most mixes I do on these speakers end up sounding quite good on other output devices and speakers whcih is what monitoring is all about. They are a little bit more expensive that other speakers in the same range but they are well worth the price. They are quite heavy and big and if your physical production sapce/room is small you may wanna get something a bit smaller like the Rokit 6s or Rokit 5s. If I had to pick one pair of monitors between my Rokit 8s, Equator D5s or Behringer Truth B1030a I'd pick the Rokit 8s without a second thought.

- Excellent bass response
- Beautiful, durable and distinctive design
- Clean sound

- Slightly more expensive than other speakers in the same range