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KRK Rokit Powered 6

Active Monitorfrom the KRK Rokit Powered (1st Generation) series

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Krk Rokit 6

By R-skillz, 25/07/2011
The Krk Rokit 6 is a powered monitor, and has a 6" woofer and a 1" softdome tweeter for natural sounding highs.
The drivers are electronically crossed over and biamped.

I purchased the krk Rokit 6 because they really suited the music i produce and they sound awesome and clear!


I find the stereo image good and honest, and the speakers sound real fresh and clear, The only downside is that the frequency response doesn't reach lower than 49 Hz, that makes them less appropriate for audio mastering


What i like the most is the fresh sound of the speakers and their accuracy,
The only downside is that the frequency response doesn't reach lower than 49 Hz, but i'd really recommend them if you produce hiphop, urban & Pop music, plus you get real high quality for a reasonable price.

yoTrakkz's review

By yoTrakkz, 01/11/2011
The KRK Rokit 6 monitors tell it like it is. No hype, no beautifying. It translates well, and these are my go to monitors. The 6's have the best balance, good low end, prominent and revealing mids, and highs that don't fatigue like the Yamaha HS monitors do. In this price range I couldn't find a better budget monitor for mixing. Sure others may impress you when you demo them at Guitar Center, but they won't tell you the truth about your mix like these do. Even when I purchase other monitors I plan to always have a pair of KRK's to reference to.


Sound is really good, slightly better than the 5’s but no where near the sound of the 8’s. But none the less these will give you a clean accurate mix. If you are producing hip hop or dub n bass you will love the low end sound this gives you. They definitely have that “boom” and “thump” that we all love and that is in so many songs today. There arent many other monitors that sound better than krk’s. But they arent cheap, you will drop a pretty penny for the sound of these.


These are killer monitors. I hooked them to my computer as they are purely for listening to music. They are very true sound. Do not confuse hi-fi speakers and monitors, the monitors can really kill some songs with the wrong EQ preset. However, these monitors really go a ways. The 6 inch driver really kicks, WAY more than you'd expect. Admittedly, they don't sound like a full hi-fi system, simply because you need a bigger cabinet/driver to move enough air to hit those low explosions and such. However, for music listening they are fantastic. The tweeter is probably my favorite part of the speaker, it's one of the best I've heard. They get plenty loud, but honestly sound better the louder you drive them. These speakers are worth every penny.

the originals

By theaudioandvideoguy, 25/06/2012
The first generation of the KRK’s haven been used and loved by so many people its crazy. This was one of my better purchases of monitors that I think that I have every made. This are the original KRK monitors and when they first came out I under estimated how good they would actually sound. The KRK rokit 6’s actually sound so much bigger than 6’s. this are professional monitors but they are affordable and sized at the perfect size so you can have them at home for you mixing of your songs. The frequency response on them are great, the highs are clean the mids are perfect and the lows are good but not over bearing. Most monitors today have just too much low end and I like my low end to be a little flat so that it can be mixed better and come out to make the song sound fuller rather than just sound like a bunch of bass.


The sound is great, unfortunately KRK didn’t keep the exact same formula with the 1st generation KRK’s with the new ones because there are a difference from these to the newer ones they have come out with. The flat bass on these is what makes them stand out in my opinion. These are made for mixing or doing some mastering of your music in. Not to just listen to your music in at high volumes. If you want to just listen to your music go out and buy some Bose systems and listen.


Overall, these are the best KRK’s to me and the original flat response is excellent. My right monitor had some issues and ended up going out on me so I ended up getting a different set of monitors from Alesis which couldn’t compare to the KRK first generation 6’s. I still have KRK monitors today but they don’t sound as good as the first generation KRK’s.

Dependable studio monitors on a budget

By tarrtime, 21/01/2013
The KRK Rokit 6 studio monitors are powered speakers that deliver equivalent sound quality to any other pair of monitors in the 'budget' price range. The speaker can take an XLR or TRS cable for input. The only real controls are a volume dial and a HF emphasis dial. Other than that it is pretty much plug and play.
I compared the Rokit 6 monitors to the Rokit 5 monitors at my local music store before I purchased them. Although a loud music store is not the most ideal listening environment to compare monitors, I noticed that the Rokit 6s had more low-end than the Rokit 5s. I thought it was worth the money to spend a little extra to get the larger woofer.


The KRK Rokit 6 monitors deliver a decent amount of clarity for the sounds they produce. The frequency spectrum isn't delivered perfectly flat, but this also depends highly on the acoustic environment the speakers are located in. I recommend listening a several locations in a room to hear how your mix is going to sound. If you only listen directly in front of the speakers within 3-6 feet, you are likely to add in too much bass or low-end. Conversely, sitting next to a wall will likely emphasize the low-end because this is where bass frequencies build-up. Do your self a favor a listen to a mix on a variety of speakers (headphones, car speakers, cheap boombox, and KRK Rokit 6s) before you deliver a mix to a client or send it off to be published/printed. Many times you will notice obvious things to fix on a mix after you have heard it through different speakers. I also recommend getting very familiar to how your speakers sound by listening to professional mixes through them by bands that you like.


For musicians looking for a pair for monitors for their home studios, the KRK Rokit 6 speakers are a reasonable choice. Unless your home studio is properly set up with acoustic treatment, room dimensions, and isolated from other sound sources (computer noise, performing insturments, etc) investing in super high-end, expensive speakers is a bit of a waste of money. There are obvious advantages to mixing on nice speakers than a typical boombox stereo, which make the Rokit 6s a reasonable purchase.
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  • Manufacturer:KRK
  • Model:Rokit Powered 6
  • Series:Rokit Powered (1st Generation)
  • Category:Active Monitors
  • Added in our database on: 03/14/2004

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