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User Review

the originals - Reviews KRK Rokit Powered 6

The first generation of the KRK’s haven been used and loved by so many people its crazy. This was one of my better purchases of monitors that I think that I have every made. This are the original KRK monitors and when they first came out I under estimated how good they would actually sound. The KRK rokit 6’s actually sound so much bigger than 6’s. this are professional monitors but they are affordable and sized at the perfect size so you can have them at home for you mixing of your songs. The frequency response on them are great, the highs are clean the mids are perfect and the lows are good but not over bearing. Most monitors today have just too much low end and I like my low end to be a little flat so that it can be mixed better and come out to make the song sound fuller rather than just sound like a bunch of bass.


The sound is great, unfortunately KRK didn’t keep the exact same formula with the 1st generation KRK’s with the new ones because there are a difference from these to the newer ones they have come out with. The flat bass on these is what makes them stand out in my opinion. These are made for mixing or doing some mastering of your music in. Not to just listen to your music in at high volumes. If you want to just listen to your music go out and buy some Bose systems and listen.


Overall, these are the best KRK’s to me and the original flat response is excellent. My right monitor had some issues and ended up going out on me so I ended up getting a different set of monitors from Alesis which couldn’t compare to the KRK first generation 6’s. I still have KRK monitors today but they don’t sound as good as the first generation KRK’s.