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User Review

Lochky's review - M-Audio BX8a

Speakers who have a good head, active, powerful, 2-way: serious-mdium 1Hp and 1 other for acute, cut to 2kHz frequency drives (ae). Hp serious 8 inches Kevlar and txeeter silk (quite common at this time), medium filters, nice amps.
I use them for mixing but they are impractical for the control (to prefer a good headset) and mastering is not their strong point.
It comes in TRS or XLR, volume knob behind as the Power button, bass reflex event has the rear and front loupiote tmoin under the tweeter. I put 7 because of the low reflex and the active part situea inside the enclosure and not to the xtrieur, I'll explain after.


Drawing on my ears and spectral measurements I have performed: The answer is not in frquence hot, it gives bcp too serious, rson to 100 Hz and a little above. Moreover, they are not really very accurate, in fact, the bass-RFLEX sends us the wave rear of the membranne This is nice for the frquence rsonnance, even if the sudden it the boost (we do not seek an answer to the base plate?), but outside of that it provides frquence everywhere phase perturbations. This is not the only dsavantage the bass RFLEX: the active part is fixed the interior of the enclosure and postcards vibrate in the interior, providing a noise is clearly hear very little at the wind. Moreover, as the cards vibrate, this provides the electronic stress and thus disturbs the quality of the amplifacation signal. To do so would remdier has silicone to cards for empcher vibrate but it would very difficult to rparation. Personally, I bouch winds with Socks ball. This hinders much the wave rear, modre vibration rtablie a little precision. Actually it is more down to as low level so the spectrum but it's prcis and then one that would work Hp 20Hz 2000Hz really flat .... I ask to hear.
However treble are not bad (even if the connection is badly chosen frequency drives (2channels require), the image is stro nice too, dynamics quite remarkable for a speaker of this size, ca dcoiffe very quickly and it's punchy !!
I svre because my experiences have shown me what it is that real flat speakers but all the same very well for this price.


I have them for about a year, I like their punch, the solidity of the design, but very attractive price gain has to be closed pregnant is why I dplore the event bass -reflex the postcards that vibrate, the connection frequency drives badly chosen (between 1kHz and 4kHz not touch, it's very important frequencies).
I have purchased because it fit my means but I aurrais prfr the era can be a little more dear speakers (Mackies or yamaha) qualitprix the report is one of the strengths of these speakers. I will not stay long on these speakers, 3-way is needed if we want a good answer, my next speaker will be closed (not so bass-RFLEX no phase disturbance ds serious but demand Hp sturdy and able to withstand heavy pressure in the interior of the box), the amplifier section will extrieure the box for preventing vibrations. I am demanding but after an internship ds real mastering studio where the listen system is king certain truths necessary ... I think therefore make my next speaker following the characteristics num res as do bcp master studios, and avoid at all costs the systems genelecs !!!! These speakers are well ds first tps but the real qualities is elsewhere ...