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User Review

Stunningly accurate. Not expensive. - Reviews Neumann KH 120 A

Value For Money : Excellent
• Which technical specifications motivated your choice?
Irreproachable German construction.
The fact that Neumann uses such strict technical specs that they consider all KH120 to be matched. And you can see and hear that right out of the box.
The frequency response (even if it's only one factor, the other and no-less important ones are the listening space and position).
The three frequency correction controls (which are stepped, so stable) have a well-chosen response, in relation to other speakers at the same (and even higher) price point.

• Use: Professional. Album mixing and premastering, as well as audio post-production.
Protools HD


Is the frequency response neutral enough?
The frequency response curve seems incredibly neutral to me.
If you focus on each frequency range, on each instrument, everything is in the right place.

• Is the stereo image good?
Very good. With a very clean phantom image.
You can even move one feet from the center without the image being distorted.
The phase coherence and flat frequency response certainly have something to do with that.

• Is the sound clear and accurate across the entire frequency spectrum?
YES...Within the physical and acoustical limits of speakers this size.
Nevertheless, it has an extremely extended response in the high end, while remaining unaggressive up to frequencies that largely exceed our hearing range.
I was also surprised by the presence and accuracy of the lows.
No issues to mix the bass nor the kick, always you know where you are. However, to mix special effects or the 30Hz of large organs, you'll need bigger speakers.
Personally, I think the subwoofer option isn't necessarily the best. It is very hard to place and set a subwoofer if you want to do it by the book. If you don't have enough experience, you might end up setting it in a way that harms rather than improves the natural balance of the kh120 down to around… 45 Hz, I'd say (if my ears don't deceive me!). This is only my personal opinion, obviously.
These speakers either reproduce sound very well or they simply not reproduce it at all (in the low end).

• Is the dynamic response faithful? ...
Very large headroom. I don't hear any compression.
I have already cranked them quite a bit. They have more than enough power for me. I stop before the security signal activates. It's even scary. (I'm about 5ft away from the speakers).


• How long have you been using them?
2 months.

• Which feature do you like the most / the least?
The most: It seems as if I'm pitching these speakers, but I really love everything about them.
A good sound for a more than reasonable price.
The least: It would be easier to have the power switch on the front panel, rather than on the rear.

• Did you try any other models before buying it?
I have known the NS10 for 20 years. I still mix with them sometimes. You need to know them to work with them ;-)

Mackie HR 824: Good, but a bit soft and sound changes depending on the listening level (even if you consider the Fletcher and Munson curves)

Dynaudio BM5a: Very good. Not as neutral.

Genelec 8030: Very good, too.

Genelec 1030a: Way too flattering.

Yamaha HS8: Flattering in the low and high end.

Yamaha HS7: OK, for the price. Too "mids-heavy" for me.

ADAM and KRK: Very far from what I expect to be able to mix.

• How would you rate its value for money?

• Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
YES, sir!
They are perfect for me.