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User Review

Djacka's review - Prodipe MS 4C

I needed to replace my multimedia speakers, and I did not want to put too much in. I've paid 120 euros so it goes.


For the frequency curve, anything below 60Hz, it drops from 100hz.
Against low by not drool and it's nice.

The sound is quite clear, treble mediums slightly forward but we made it. For a multimedia application is nickel. For work in the studio pushed frankly I think too much (or so for troubleshooting). Although it is understood the details hearsay.

The stereo image it is pretty good.

Dynamic level, do not ask them too much, the volume is turned to me with a little more than a third of the knob back and when I go in depth on the pc we feel their limits. Otherwise what is good is that mp3 filthy on that becomes unlistenable.


Used for this summer, I have not really tried other models personally, or else they were pregnant that had nothing to do upscale them with friends who have studios (for my part I am mostly a bit PA).

Quality / nickel price for my use anyway.