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Impressive treble definition, but... - Reviews Samson Technologies Rubicon 6A

Obviously the ribbon tweeters are an interesting feature. These monitors are well suited for semi-pro nearfield use when really dialing in the higher frequencies is a priority.
Yet, overall they fall short for really serious applications. For a couple extra hundred dollars you could buy something much better, and something that would last longer and be more suitable for learning the art of mixing.


The stereo imaging you can achieve with these monitors is adequate enough for the home studio user. However, I would not suggest these to a seasoned veteran engineer for any reason other than their unique use of a ribbon tweeter system.
Dynamically, they respond well to heavily compressed and un-mastered material alike. What is obviously lacking is low end clarity. They tend to get "mushy" sounding at frequencies below 250Hz, and the 100Hz and below range is virtually non-existant. On the plus-side, from about 300Hz up to the 20kHz range these speakers perform quite well.
I would definitely use these monitors as a secondary or more likely a third string option for checking mixes simply for their unique clarity in the high end. But, I would never, ever use these for truly serious mixing. And mastering? Absolutely No Way. You may perhaps be able to reinforce these monitors with a sub and thus improve upon your overall weak point but you'd still have mushy low-end.


The ribbon tweeters are certainly an interesting feature. The clarity in the high-end is actually pretty impressive and that feature is unique in a monitor at this price.
Value vs. Price? Well, these would be good for a novice to low-level intermidiate engineer. The 300Hz - 20kHz range is remarkably well balanced and would be suited for learning the basics of how to set instrument balance vs. clarity. However, they could also end up fooling you into bad habits regarding the way you handle you low-end frequencies. Since the response below 300hz becomes so mushy and tapers off into non-existance you may start "beefing up" you eq's and getting used to inappropriate balancing of your kick and bass tracks for example. The Low-end is the hardest part of building a good mix to master, and becoming comfortable with bad technique may end up hurting you in the long run.
I would recommend these to the thrify noivice, or perhaps, to the pro who just would like a different set of monitors to trial test mixes for different system compatability. (Ex. My pro rig vs. my semi-pro rig vs. my novice rig vs. my car etc.) But, more realistically, I would recommend these to someone who just wanted to upgrade from some lower quality computer speakers to something a bit more clear.