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User Review

jbg's review - Samson Technologies Rubicon 6A

- Membrane 6.5 "
- 1x2 inch ribbon for the highs (a lightweight aluminum ribbon-shaped accordion, located between two peoples magntiques. The ribbon vibrates according to the field and produces waves magntique sound. The tape has a mass ngligeable, which amliore the quality)
- Rponse in frquence (give manufacturer): 57Hz - 27 KHz + / - 3 dB (curve rponse ( 9/39736.jpg) does not parat super linear on paper)
-75 Watts RMS for the membrane, 25 Watts RMS for the ribbon
- Frquence 3kHz cutoff - 24 dB / oct
- Between RCA
- XLR and jack symtrique
- Matriau of the enclosure: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)
- Rounded corners (the mode)
- Dimensions (height-width-depth): 235x381x273
- 8.2 Kg
- 8 Rubber linings are provided to avoid the speakers vibrate and transmit vibrations
- Wind front
- Volume knob the rear
- knob rglage of tape:-2dB, 0dB, +2 dB, +4 dB
- Electromagnetic shielding (no problem up a notch ct)

- Home studio


I compare in stores:
- KRK RP6: too flattering in the low mids
- Beber B2031A: yuck: No DEFINITIONS
- Genelec 8030: mtallique her, not at all enjoyable

In short, it is R6a I prfr:
- Dfine much lower and fall well
- Clear treble but not aggressive
- Good dynamic


- Now a month since I use them, and no regrets. I do not dfault of my mixes on other System. Samson Arussi bring the tape home studio budgets (500 Paris), yum, a real rgal. Remains how the R6a ragissent time.