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User Review

Very appreciable - Reviews Yamaha HS8

I was looking to replace my ancient Alesis Active MkII I had for 12 years and sometimes left me puzzled at the mix. If they were enough for me to listen to music, and also mix, I reproached them to be very inaccurate at low frequencies (bass is mushy, muddy where we can discern nothing clear) and dull in the treble, sometimes forcing me to give a little relief in the top of the spectrum using a VST equalizer in the final mix. In short, not very satisfied by this model was still sold € 850 the pair at its output. Yamaha HS80 and HS8 made me the eye and I finally broke down for the latest model because someone sold it for 300 € the pair after a very contained use. A bargain :-)
Side power, nothing to say, for my home studio is a bit "too much" and I could never really push me, unless I put all my neighbors back. The rear settings seem sufficient to correct certain frequencies knowing that I tried but I finally left everything in the neutral position. The connection is good. Switches could be placed in the brand logos at the bottom of the enclosure because, given their depth, sometimes you have to twist a little. Nothing serious though.


When I connected, I must admit I was a little confused during the first hours of listening because my marks were messed up. And yet, I felt a real improvement, something much more detailed in the music I diffusais the speakers. In fact, the medium, and especially the treble, really shone and I rediscovered the songs I compounds or music I like. Listening to tracks by artists that I love, it was clear that I could now enjoy more quality mixes, the difference with Alesis seemed obvious. Despite these positive aspects, however, I thought it was surprising that, given the size of the largest membrane, bass do not show that much as my old speakers were a little more generous on this side. After several attempts, I realized it was obviously very important to follow the investment to take advantage of the lower spectrum. Once the positioning triangle observed and available at the right height of the ears, therefore the entire spectrum appears. And then it gets even more interesting. Finally bass and bass drums that sound and, above all, that we can discern perfectly. What amazed me the most is the quality of the rendering in these frequencies. With Alesis, all sounded a bit "fat" while yet, headphones, or other eavesdropping systems, it was not so thick. With HS8, I phase: if a kick does not sound "heavy" in the original mix, now it is transcribed as is. Similarly, the sounds of bass, acoustic or electric, we clearly see the grain better and the attack of the fingers on the strings, it is more obvious.


The purchase of these speakers was a revelation and a rebirth for me. I rediscovered some songs and able to appreciate all the details. I have recently and I have not yet had the opportunity to really mix with but it will be soon. However, I had the opportunity to make small corrections to some of my compositions recently and I could instantly identify certain defects inherent in my mixes made on Alesis, especially on the high end sometimes a little too far.

Just do not forget to place them properly in the studio to collect the body from the bottom of the spectrum.

I recommend them.