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Analog to Digital Converters

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Analog to Digital Converters
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User reviews on Analog to Digital Converter products

moosers's review (Apogee - AD-16X)

By moosers, 16/03/2009
The Apogee Electronic AD-16X is an analog to digital converter. At the studio I use this in, we have it locked into the Apogee Big Ben that runs with a Digidesign 192 I/O audio interface to run Pro Tools HD. The AD-16X has 16 channels of converters in the form of both ADAT and AES. It also has a world clock in and out and is powered by your traditional AC power cable. The unit is pretty easy to use, and since I have it synced up with another converter and audio interface, I pretty much leave it as is and gives me a great high quality conversion on up to 16 channels of audio! For me, this is a huge asset as I'm not a huge fan of the converters made by Digidesign, and these are a great replacement.


I've been using the Apogee Electronic AD-16X analog to digital converter for about a year and I've been quite pleased with the results that I get with it. It is easy to use for what I do with it and is an awesome substitute for Digidesign's converters. This being said, these aren't cheap, as they are a huge quality converter from a highly trusted company. I would recommend this not only to professional studio owners with any type of rig, but also for the home studio owner looking to bolster their chain with a great converter like the AD-16X. I can't say enough about how clean the signal is from not only the AD-16X, but from all of Apogee Electronics converters. While these aren't for the studios out there on a tight budget, for those looking to put together a superior Pro Tools rig with the highest quality convetors available, a converter of this quality is a must. I highly recommend checking these out if you're looking for a analog to digital great converter.

Conversion of high quality and essential option 160SL .. (dbx - 704 X)

By blackle, 30/12/2013
Analog audio to digital converter or, more precisely digital output module dedicated to dbx 160SL. The sampling frequency is selectable, either: 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz. Different quantization resolutions are also available: 16, 20 or 24 bit. Two formats are available AES / EBU XLR and S / PDIF phono plug.
Sync is of course also available, it is done either internally or on entry "World Clock" (BNC connectors) or from the AES .. also present two algorithms for digital dither own bikes DBX.


The conversion is first choice and complies with the sonic qualities of the compressor. The sound seems to flow without any difficulty and the greater neutrality. Note also that no deformation transient is to be deplored, even when the sampling frequency and quantization resolution are selected on 44.1kHz and 16 bit.
This 704 unit X is a simple to use copy. Six keys, assisted sometimes bicolor LEDs allow to configure at will. Construction provides no particular criticism. It is clean, clear and flawless.

To properly interface a 160SL in a hybrid governance, this module quickly becomes necessary, and often avoids some surprises some external convertos, or avoids fishing for a "paw conversion" in some bays additional converters highly stressed today Today, and with the satisfaction of enjoying the best of both worlds .. MANDATORY!

DBX 160SL:

astrodoubs's review (Mytek - 8X96 ADC)

By astrodoubs, 22/04/2009
Complete with connectors ADAT..E outputs / O digital and 8 analog XLR

sober and robust,

works with a simple RME Digiface..aucun soucis.sur samplitude10pro
a MYTEK DA96 output on focal Solo6 ..


Use for 6 months.

the sound is really quality,
j before used a Tascam FW okay but more accurately we feel and sharpness of neutrality in the sound, the sound has the most open.

(But I weighted because I've also buy quality preamp, chandler and Tg2 UA6176 and necessarily against a Tascam FW is not comparable).

excellent price-quality ratio
rather than doing the race has 192Khz frequencies etc ..I prefer staying 44khz but quality ..

short product not hit al eye and marketing but highly effective ..

I do it again this choice without problem.

although the entire string should be at the top also ..but it makes it !!

News Analog to Digital Converter

Peavey MediaMatrix nWall 2.0

Published on 06/16/11
Peavey introduces the new MediaMatrix nWall 2.0, a surface-mount audio interface panel that converts audio from analog to a digital stream that can be routed via CobraNet right at the panel.

Black Lion Audio Sparrow ADC mk2

Published on 05/14/11

Digigram AQONDA

Published on 04/17/11

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