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AKG C 417

AKG C 417

User reviews on AKG C 417 products

J-Luc's review (AKG - C 417)

By J-Luc, 25/08/2006
Ben here is a little gem catches the strap of my left hand diatonic accordion.
Before I had a tie Monacor the diffrence of the trs is sensitive, the C417 has more clearly a more Fidler, simply. Book with the clamp is sufficient to hold on the instrument and the power supply is fantme intgre (C417PP).

[Edit 2011] In addition it is strong!

Super Giorgio's review (AKG - C 417 L)

By Super Giorgio, 17/12/2004
Microphones ties are magical tools. He was tiny, close in size to a head Alumet. It is OMNI and food by the director. The rendering is good trs (size / sound). Its use is that some ncessite reserved.
Being a OMNI, it has the unfortunate tendency feedback. The sound is rglage in the high-flying (Reminder: the microphone positioned on the cot to which the confrencier turns the head when he says its notches Powerpoint ...). In sound, you can reach an equilibrium in optimum conditions. But I think one or two CARDIO headset allow quick chih.
on the other hand recording is a Rolls since Mr. Larsen is not l. ..
Rgulire practice will allow you to immediately find the tips to best position the microphone and noise-free

Good mic (AKG - C 417)

By chimimic, 20/04/2012
I use these mics (I have two) for a very short time. I bought the version with XLR, for which some users have reported problems with the length of the connector pins. For my part, noted nothing unusual.
Before purchasing, I also tried the Sanken COS11 and the DPA 4080. Of all, I preferred the Sanken but as I had to buy three lapel microphones, it was a bit heavy (I have other priorities). So I bought a MKE-40-EW and two AKG C-417-PP, both models are suitable for my use (and documentary interviews fixed).
These microphones are omnidirectional type, not too difficult to find them a suitable position - I have not said we can put them anywhere, it must still minimal testing ;-)
Output level more feeble as the Sennheiser MKE-40, but easily exploitable with a proper preamp (used on DR680, no worries). Not find any annoying background noise.
Upon receipt of the package, one of the two C-417 was defective. But he came out of its very low distortion and high, with a nice hum. The dealer price for the return of service and the one he sent me a replacement works fine. Just to note a (very) slight difference in tone and level between the two, not a problem for me.
Good microphone which I find a good price / quality ratio. Better quality than my electret one euro, it is reassuring.