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User Review

One of the most Powerful Reverbs. - Reviews 2CAudio Aether

Aether, the common design of the system is straightforward, the set up doesn't require some time, the manual is very clear and provides all the necessary information regarding how the program works, one of the biggest features of the system is the convenience offered with it.
Typical functions are easily accessible and visible to the eye.


The application performs incredibly well, the gear is stable and I've been using it for a while and I still use it in all of my mixes.
I'm getting high-quality results with the feel of this warm reverb called Aether.


What I like the most about Aether is the style offered and the sound ideal in a mix provided by it.
I really do enjoy the great interface, those nice deep hall reverbs, also to mention the build-in presets that are also valuable.
You can use it either on your vocal mixes, or even to elaborate a nice orchestral feeling, or some trancy kind of synth, it's very complex.
I like also the lock features that allows you to set a option to "freeze" and just tweek the other options leaving that amount stable.

I've tried several different reverbs, build-in reverbs, I tried very expensive reverbs, I tried Lexicon Reverbs, but I still stuck with Aether, I could easily say that it's one of the greatest that I ever encountered and it's use is world wide.

However there is an upside-down to the program, and it's requirements, you need a pretty powerful pc to run even one instance of Aether, but if you like to use it as a Bus, you really should either consider getting a weaker reverb or upgrade your pc.

Knowing what I know, I would buy over and over again because I really love this reverb and the way it sounds, the way it looks, how handy it is and the price is pretty good, check it out.