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User Review

Wow, better than I expected - Reviews 2CAudio Aether

This is run on a Mac Pro running Snow leopard and Logic 9. So far, zero issues. Loads up quickly and no crashes or strange behavior. The manual is good, although honestly I just glanced at it. The configuration/setup of this plugin is really well done. Everything is very easy to see and manipulate (not the case for a lot of plugins out there). Honestly, the interface was really what gripped me about this unit in the first place. I use Audio Ease's Altiverb for most of my plugin reverb needs, but wanted something else just for the sake of options. After spending 10 minutes with a demo, I knew this was the one. I am honestly struggling to think of another plugin that has such a clean and friendly interface. I love Altiverb, but some of the areas of the interface are so small I am squinting on a 20 inch monitor. With this, I can read it from 4 feet away on my macbook pro.


Again, so far, I have had zero issues with this plugin. Very stable, and excellent sounding. The sound actually out performs many of my other plugins and a few of my hardware units (alesis microverb 4 for example). As for performance, I was really hoping it wouldn't be a huge cpu hog but it kind of is. Five instances on my macbook pro with i7 core and 8 gigs of ram and the CPU meter in Logic is almost completely full. That's in a project with only 5 tracks of audio and these 5 instances of Aether. But, I guess if you want hardware sound in a plugin, you have to treat that plugin like hardware (i.e. using aux channels). I ahve been using this program for three weeks.


I have to mention one more time the clean interface. Excellent job on that. Also, the sound. It really is realistic and quite pleasing. What don't I like, well I wish I could use one on each track in a 12 track project but at least on my MBP, it ain't happening. The Mac Pro Handles it much better but I haven't tried maxing it out yet. From my experience, you aren't going to find a hardware unit that is brand new for the same price with the same sound and control. As for the price, $250 is a lot of money hands down. But you pay for what you get and you get a lot with this plugin. 10 out of 10 for quality of sound (the plates are really really nice as well as the halls). I have used loads of reverb plugins and hardware and this has a great tone/warmth not found in many others. Yes, I would buy this again.