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User Review

A true gift! - Reviews Audio Damage Eos

No particular problem during installation. Easy handling, the settings are sticking to a strict minimum. But there need anything else. Three types of reverb pre-delay, room size effect duration and can filter up and down. However, it was a setting, modulation gives a little life to her, and if necessary participates subtle realism. And that's all.


No problem running or compatibility (Mac Pro, Digital Performer.) This plugin does not pull excessively on the processor.


I use it for a couple of years. What I like most about this reverb is its ease of use, but also its sound: Ample, silky, especially not metallic, in a word: Beautiful. And I usually difficult with reverb sounds.
It fits perfectly on the piano, whatever the dosage (For me, the piano is the ultimate test for a reverb, and it turns out great on this instrument, which means it should undoubtedly for all others. ) I also use it on all my snares.
Frankly, this quality reverb for less than fifty euros, it is a true gift. Audio Damage has a policy of very low prices, but the plugs are not less than the highest quality. And do not let the fact that it does not look like it is a very serious and plug its graphical interface is quite convenient to use. 10/10 without hesitation.