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Soft reverb .. - Reviews Softube TSAR-1

No problem during installation. This bundle (two plug-ins) fits perfectly and quickly in Pro Tools 11. The format supported is the AAX native.


Very stable software for Mac and very greedy in resource configuration used: Core I7 3.5 Ghz and 16 Giga SDRAM OS X Mavericks. Currently no incompatibility and no bugs found.


The grip of this software could not be easier. Few parameters available and ultimately few presets (forty). Each preset is named according to its use: "Vocal Plate", "Drum Plate", "Guitar Hall", etc. .. There are two main families, the "Modern Presets" and "Vintage Presets". In the latter family are stored all the "simulations" of old bikes (Lexicon 224XL, AMS RMX 16, Sony Mu R 101, etc. ..). In the first category there are presets say .. more current and not so different from imitations seen above .. We will return.

The constitutive parameters of a preset are classics of reverb, there are:

1 - The Predelay: enabling away reverb actual primary reflections.
2 - Time Longer (or reverb decay time) to extend or reduce the reverberation time.
3 - Density: to act on the initial thoughts, here they will be more or less pronounced depending on the setting made.
4 - Tone: seems to be a sort of band-pass filter with the cutoff frequency (modulated?) Adjustable.
5 - High Cut: the classic filter to attenuate the higher frequencies.
6 - Early Reflections type: to choose the size of places.
7 - Early Reflections Mix: to play on the output level of the early reflections.
8 - Distribution: this parameter controls the degree to which the initial echo density (constituting the initial reflections) increases over time. Here it is still much easier than in "reverberant tenors", Bricasti, Lexicon and Tc Electronic .. after all it is hard to have your cake, eat it and the butt of the dairy ..
9 - Modulation: This parameter adds a sort of chorus consisting of random time on the Reverberation to "thicken" the effect. Do not abuse it so ..
10 - Reverb Mix: I will not comment ..

The automation is reduced to its simplest expression, also in this regard, it should be noted that the parameter settings cause the silencing effect to invite to hear the "jumps" of values ​​.. then it is certainly no prohibitive, however this may very well be considered a vile boorishness on soft this quality .. damage ..

Different reverbs sound really great, but without reaching the hairline and much more expensive chiseled other apps or bikes, it is true. Actually here I think at times it lacks details and sometimes extensive. For example, on some acoustic sources it is very hard to get a "filler" effect even pushing the diffusion parameters and modulation. Small parts are simulated in a perfectly amazing, it's clean and clear, almost plausible. The halls are of the same ilk, if not always this slight lack of definition, particularly in the higher frequencies. However the plate reverbs clearly lack what characterize, namely a fat hand, dirty and filler. Difficult to express it in words, but the lack of clean technology glitter that here the "Plate" programs are actually down compared to some more sophisticated algorithms ..

For old bikes imitations, take this as a saying .. friendly, but being aware that these programs can not replace the original machine ..

Here we are light years ahead of "Freeware" and other Valhalla and Stillwell, largely at the Lexicon LXP Native and MPX (small flat for the Plate), but in many respects clearly below a native PCM and other VSS 3 and 2 Tc Electronic DVR.

Very nice and easy to use, most presets are fly. Sincerely any of the criticisms above should keep you from trying this app .. and .. adopt it. If you need a good reverb to all, simple but not simplistic, at times able to go tickle the tenors in the matter, and any complementarity, look no further, it is called TSAR-1 ..