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User Review

One of the best reverbs I've heard - Reviews Softube TSAR-1

This is not a plug-in but a bundle that includes two plug-ins: TSAR-1, with all the reverb settings, and TSAR-1R, a lighter version of the first with fewer parameters.

The assembly is protected via iLok: this is not what I prefer, but it works no problems sense. Note that there is not, at this writing, the 64 bit version of the TSAR but the thing Softube announcement coming soon ...

The manual is comprehensive and detailed well as English. That said, what is well with the TSAR is precisely the fact that we can do without manual ...


I use it on a Dell XPS (Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3GHz, 6GB of RAM, all under 64 bit Windows Seven June 64 bit and Cubase. To convert the plug, I use to time the jBridge.

Everything is stable but in fact, did not feel any limits on CPU, I have not looked occupation CPU / RAM plug. I must say that I play Pop / Rock and I use mostly two reverbs for a song (Plate Hall and most of the time).


I use it for one week only and I only did three songs with but I must say I am more than happy to have this plug in my arsenal of effects.

While I was still with my other galérais reverbs for something not too ugly (whether with the EOS of Audio Damage, the Toraverb of D16 or convolutions, perhaps because I was not good Impulse collections), I feel that the TSAR me greatly simplifies life: and they put it immediately pretty.

What I love is that there are some parameters: I personally am going very well have to adjust knobs 12 000 reflections early or late: here, everything is done with very few buttons and whatever the setting, it is always interesting. The presets are also provided a very good basis to start.

In short, it's quality sound / simplicity, TSAR is for me the best software reverb of the moment: more convincing to my ears the CSR IK Multimedia, and much more simple to use that (too) expensive Lexicon .

In short, I recommend it to everyone. Especially a good reverb, it's silly to say, but it greatly simplifies the mix ...