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User reviews on All-in-one DJ player products

No effects (American Audio - Encore 1000)

By JimboSpins, 24/02/2013
The American Audio Encore 1000 is a DJ CD and MP3 player that is great for a mobile DJ; it can help you stay organized. It is a 2 channel audio mixer that is made well, all of the buttons and knobs are pretty well made and I don’t see any issues arising with the build of this unit. The Encore 1000 has a relay playback and balanced XLR outputs. There is also a auxiliary input on the front of it that was perfect for me to get my iPod audio into the Encore 1000.
Getting the Encore 1000 up and running was not hard at all. I did follow of the instructions that where in the manual and I was ready to use it in no time. This unit is not that heavy which means it is great for travel and transportation but at the same time it didn’t have that “solid” build to me. It just didn’t seem like it was made out of the best materials to make it last for a long time. The buttons and sliders where fine but the unit overall had more of a “plastic” type of feel too it.
The two platters feel nothing like some of the higher end similar models and nothing like a real vinyl platter in any way. Other users have said it does feel like a real vinyl player when used but I strongly disagree. There are other units out on the market that have a more “vinyl” feel too it but you will have to spend a little more money for one of those units.
I do not think that this unit is bad, I just don’t think the Encore 1000 was for me. It does have a lot of features like auto BPM and Pitch options but it didn’t have any effects on board and for this price it should have some effects like flanger or some filters.

Solid CDJ Unit (Gemini DJ - CDM-3250)

By JimboSpins, 21/03/2013
The Gemini CDM-3250 is a dual CD console platter that can be racked. This mixing console is very powerful but still simple to use. It has two separate job wheels and is very mobile. With this console it is easy to have one track playing, search for another track and set up your cue points easily. Everything from beat matching to looping and changing the pitch is very easy to do with the CDM 3250.


Setting this mixing console up with my rig was very easy because I have already owned units like it before in the past. This unit was a lot more portable than I thought that it was going to be. It is very light and durable.


The CDM 3250 also has a 2 band EQ, gain control and enough inputs and outputs to connect my whole system up to it. Everything with this mixer is made to last a long time and about the only change I would make with it is to give it a 5 band EQ and to maybe have a louder output to headphones so that they can be heard over the club/crowd noise better. Not that it is hard to hear from the headphone output but with other mixers that I own, they get so much louder directly from the output of the mixing unit and on the CDM 3250 it just doesn’t seem to get as loud as they do.


There are two smaller LCD screens on this unit for seeing your cue points and tracks. Also all of the buttons are made well and the cross fader held up pretty good. Over the years the CD mixing units have kind of become some of my least favorite units to work with because of the lack of effects. This is why I now prefer software set up with a controller. There are no effects on this unit and similar ones in this price range.

Have they made the updates yet? (Numark - iDJ3)

By JimboSpins, 25/03/2013
The Numark iDJ3 was a unit that I was very fond of at first site. It is small and very portable, and will work with an iPhone. There is an iPhone dock right in the middle of it and the main reason that I wanted this console was so I didn’t have to take my full system with me if I was just doing a smaller party or something. I loved the idea of not having to carry my Macbook for smaller gigs. I was very interested this device and the price made it a must have. But once I got home and started to work with it I noticed one major thing. It didn’t work with my iPhone 4! Then after contacting the store about it they said that it was made for iPhone 3 and earlier models and products. So it was a huge waste for me to have at the current moment. I did plug my iPhone 3 into it but the issue is that I don’t really use the older iPhone 3 at all anymore, and it is basically just a paper weight at home now.


Using it with my iPhone 3 was very simple and it worked great. But I do wish they were more outspoken on the fact that at the time it didn’t work with “newer” iPhones. Now that the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5 are out I am pretty sure they will not work with this device unless apple and Numark have made some major changes to the iDJ3. This unit would be just perfect if they figured out those details and fixed the issue. I am not sure if it is an Apple issue or not.


All of the main functions of this unit worked great. The sound quality to come out of it was amazing for this price!


There are many products out like this one that will allow use with iPhones but the difference with this one is that it is very inexpensive. The build of it is not made as good as I would have liked but it has all of the functions needed to run a set right from an iPhone. I hope they fixed the issue by now; I will buy this unit again. It is very portable!

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Published on 01/24/16
Numark has introduced the CDMIX USB, a dual CD player with USB ins to allow mixing from up to two USB keys.

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