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User reviews on Ambient / New Age Sample products

andon.'s review (Ilio Samples Cd - Analog Meltown)

By andon., 17/09/2007
A CD-ROM AKAI format but also available for the Kurzweil format.
So it comes to synth sounds that are intended by the claims of novel publisher.
The packaging is quite successful I had already hung on before you buy, the booklet provides information on the programmer, a Kevin Wakefield and instruments he used. I read a Yamaha TX816, a Minimoog and the Roland D-50.
He tells us himself how he developed the sounds. Unfortunately, all this in English, I could not translate everything, but it looks pretty interesting.


At issue are realistic course not, the sounds are clearly oriented Sci-Fi, FX, this means the majority of sounds. So purely synthetic. The sounds are modified according to the applied velocity, add sound effects technology, it's a little game of chance, in short, fairly unique and clever for me. The big disappointment comes because of the diversity, and it is a shame because it offers a sound and a following that is actually similar to or resembling a dozen times ... We applied a filter or it was installed I do not know which operator so thank you but it could have been to!

I find it very curious because as I was rather excited about the quality offered as we quickly made the rounds at all ... it must have y 'some fifty different in practice. I am a bit disappointed.


I bought the CDrom at Univers-sons who sell the remaining stocks at a discount for the least surprising: 30 euros instead of 200! It was probably a good deal but ultimately it is just. I find unreasonable the price of this CD-ROM (for the starting price) when you see today PLETOR sound banks that have been proposed. The price is too high.
For 30 euros it is rather reasonable, the initial price would have been certainly more bitter ... but it may be the price for such quality. The sounds keep still a good paste sound, say they are fairly consistent although very typical.
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The publisher's website offers a demo on its website

interesting but ... (Best Service - Forest Kingdom)

By la.boulanderie, 24/03/2012
Forest is a kingdom of his bank for creating moods and sonic instrumentation to illustrate style heroic fantasy films or fantasy.
There are sounds in the woods, forest animals, strange creatures but also celestial voices or shamanic ethno instruments, flutes, percussion, harps short a bunch of stuff more or less surprising.

The quality of samples is uneven. This ranges from very poor to very good. Celtic harp is excellent, the voice elven too. The drums are pretty good. The sound effects are nice. There are some flutes or looping samples means.

The sounds are in charge via a plug in specific instance called engine and that is provided. The interface is convenient and easily adjust the main parameters of sounds. She moved quickly and was soon recognized in my software (sonar in this case). The only concern is the loading time of samples which is quite slow. Engine is also very unstable when you load the flutes. It should start loading and not to touch anything. After two minutes the sound is loaded and functional. If you move the mouse while charging the software bug. It's like this only for the flutes. Great mystery of the computer. I explained that it was ditto in stand alone.

Apart from this drawback, this module is very useful to create a special atmosphere. With imagination, it is also usable for other styles of music.

Engine can read his other banks. One can find the list on the website of Best Service. There is not much in Audiofanzine on these products. It would be nice if users speak.


see comment above.


I would do this choice because I do not see other similar products elsewhere.

two instruments and moods (Best Service - Forest Kingdom)

By Le Joss, 13/11/2012
Sound banks are large files Ytif (yellow tools image file)
Sounds are played by the player Engine2 provided free, works standalone or plugin. No problem installing on Win7, the plug is available now in VST Samplitude ProX.
The sounds are either pads, synth loops ... either sampled instruments


Two instruments: flutes and harps. In both cases the result is impressive realism and presence, and fortunately for me ready. I use my unrestricted models and on soundtracks for the stage.
Tons of pads, atmospheres different, I know less about this world and I use them sparingly. Say it is a choice and can sound out of illustration styles.


I've had three months, it is a virtual instrument that I use willingly. Very good flutes and harps, for which all the notes are not always present as presets tone (diatonic harp =).
A bit expensive for amateur studio, but I do not regret considering the quality of flutes and harps. For me the atmosphere is a plus for others it will be essential, the quality is no problem there too.

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ModeAudio presents Remnant

Published on 03/01/16
ModeAudio introduces Remnant, a collection of deep ambient loops that is said to offer "soft, ethereal & magisterial" sounds.

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