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Dynaudio LYD 7 Review

Back in white We are the first to brawl about the lack of innovation among speaker manufacturers. Dynaudio is one of those brands with an undeniable know-how, but whose road map only seems to lead into a desert where you can find a rock or a cactus from time to time...definitely not the best place to be for a thirsty home-studio owner. So it came as a surprise to learn during the last Musikmesse that the Danish manufacturer decided to kill its dear BM series to give way to the LYD, which sports a white look as to announce that nothing will ever be the same. But is is true? read more…

A review of the Auratone 5C Super Sound Cube

Mystical Aura You just got your main monitor speakers and are already looking for a second pair? Boy are you a compulsive buyer! What's that you said? Auratone is back with its famous 5Cs? Okay, well maybe just this once I'll turn a blind eye... read more…

A review of the PreSonus R80 studio monitors

True Blue PreSonus recently added to its growing line of studio monitors with its new R-Series, active near-field monitors that feature AMT tweeters, and come in two sizes, the R80 (8” woofer) and the R65 (6.5” woofer). We got our hands on a pair of R80s for this review. read more…

User reviews on Amp & Monitor products

Really excellent! (Focal - Trio6 Be)

By charlieman, 01/04/2017
I was extremely happy with my CMS50 + CMS sub kit after my room underwent an acoustic treatment, then I had an opportunity to invest into these Trio 6. No regret! They're unbelievable, very precise even at minimal volume, with an incredible dynamic reserve, if you wanted you could use them to blow your head off - litteraly.

Everything is optimized: power, bandwith, stereo image, filter frequency, I've heard things I'd never heard before from records that rank among my favorites which I'd previously listened to thousands of times.

One of the things that most astounds me is the way you can walk in front of them without the sound changing entirely, as on other models. The sound is extremely good, not too directive - incredible! Plus, they look classy, you can put them as you like and the focus mode is a great idea. Great job, Focal.

I also had to try their customer support for an unexpected problem: they're very reactive and friendly.

Superb Compact SUB (ADAM - Sub 7)

By Benjisun, 06/11/2018
Ce Subwoofer est vraiment bien en usage Hifi/Studio.

Couplé à des ADAM F7 il ajoute une extension importante dans le bas du spectre.

Sur des musiques type Ambient ou même des production pop on perçoit clairment la différence.

Il faudra le régler assez bas en fréquence et en volume car sinon il prends trop le dessus sur les monitors.

Voir mon test complet ici [ENGL]:

JBL 104 Powered Reference Monitor Review (JBL - 104 Reference Monitor)

By mharandi, 18/04/2019
This is such a great desktop monitor for home recording musicians or people making audio/video content for (Youtube, etc). These little guys had great results while mixing and editing. The clarity and detail is phenomenal-- especially for the price point ($149 for the pair). Crisp highs and super rich bass!

The compact size and unique round look is perfect for desktop placement. Would recommend!

News Amp & Monitor

[MUSIKMESSE] Dynaudio presents LYD series monitors

Published on 04/07/16
Dynaudio Pro have announced the launch of their new LYD Range of Studio Monitors.

[MUSIKMESSE] Genelec 8340A & 8350A

Published on 04/07/16

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The best 8-inch powered monitor speakers for less than 700€ per pair

Published on 10/19/17
The best 8-inch powered monitor speakers for less than 700€ per pair
Sometimes you need a couple of big speakers, but can't necessarily afford them. Don't panic! There are some speakers with an 8-inch woofer that can manage the low end quite decently without setting y…

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