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Ampeg Portaflex

Ampeg PF-115LF

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moosers's review (Ampeg - PF-500)

By moosers, 28/02/2011
The Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 is a 500 watt bass amplifier, sold both with a speaker cabinet and without one. The preamp is a MOSFET and it's a solid state amplifier. In the back of the amp there are connections in 1/4" form for a speaker output, a send and return effects loop, a foot switch, a tuner output, and both a preamp out and power amp in. It also has an XLR output for taking a direct signal from the amp, and a speak-on output as well. The direct XLR output also has buttons for a ground lift, setting the EQ pre or post, and a -40 db pad. On the front panel it also has a 1/4" input, and 1/8" connections for sending audio in and for headphone monitoring. As with most Ampeg amps, you're getting more than the full compliment of routing options here.


The Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 is a pretty easy amplifier to manipulate in my opinion. The front panel has a slew of parameters to work with, including knobs for compression, gain, bass, midrange (with extra adjustable frequency parameter), treble, fx mix, and volume. It also has 'ultra' hi and low boost buttons as well as mute and a -15 pad buttons. It should be pretty self explanatory, so I don't think most users will need to look at the manual.


The sound of the Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 is definitely impressive to say the least. I've only used this for recording inside the studio along with an also Ampeg cabinet, and only for one session where the bass player brought it all in. I was really happy with the sounds we got for bass as this amp has a serious amount of low end presence happening as which is needed of course in a bass amp. Ampeg is widely known for making some of the best bass amps available, and while this isn't one of their best, it's still quite effective.


The Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 is an overall really solid bass amp. It's a good way for experienced bass players to get a very nice amplifier without spending a boat load of cash on a head alone. It's of course more expensive to buy this with the cabinet, but I'd recommend finding a cheaper cabinet and buying the PF-500 individually as it seems to make financial sense to do so. Ampeg makes a ton of great amps, a lot of which are better than the PF-500, but it's still very solid in it's own right and one of the best amps you can find for the money.

Ampeg PF 350 (Ampeg - PF-350)

By MGR/Billy, 19/05/2011
In 2011 Ampeg set out to corner the lightweight mini rig bass market. I got me hands on a PF 350 head to test drive. I had high hopes for this head. I have an SVT210 AV cab that I love, so seeing as these would match perfectly I had my fingers crossed.

A local shop shop that I am in cahoots with is an Ampeg dealer. I got this head as soon as it was available to the public. $299 is the street price.

<a href=" "> </a>

It is very light in weight. I can toss it in my gig bag and go. The knobs are simple: Gain, Bass, Mid, Treble as well as a master volume knob. There is an XLR out in the back in case you want to go direct into a PA or recording device.

Lack of power. This bummed me out greatly. It is rated at 350 watts at 4 ohms. The cab I was using was 8 ohms but still that should give me enough juice to play out live in a small bar setting.

Looks nice, it's light, but could probably take some abuse. I've only had it a few weeks and don't use it much since the insignificant power ratings, so I cannot comment too much on if I think it will stand the test of time.

Bought it, had hopes, but with the gain and volume both at 6 it is barely enough juice to practice with my band. I'm back to using my Hartke HA 2500 which is rated at 100 less watts, yet I've never had to put the volume past 3!

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Good cheap (Ampeg - PF-500)

By ropongi, 03/03/2014
See specs on the net, it will be better said by me ;)
500w announced, unable to check whether this was the case but it réellment sends heavy.


Simple Config (I hate gas plants), but useful little knobs.
The compressor is sweet (as always for integrated accounting for more compression using a pedal required)


The sound reproduction? Ampeg! I bought the pf350 (excellent also, plus light) then the PF500 to have the house of a relative, or even similar to what I have in repeats on a big SVT4 pro sound. Of course this is not the same type of gear (weight and price either), but it is in the same house.

Played with JB classic60 a PB Roger Waters and active sub4 Musicman. Ns electric bass also design.


Excellent quality / price ratio. And the pf350 I've been on it for more power and am super satisfied. The settings are well thought out and really affect the sound. 2 buttons and hi low boostent the games slap and midrange allows the choice of medium frequency, like a big svt head. Headphone jack and short, ultra complete.
For my part I greatly recommend this purchase, inexpensive opportunity in order to get below the elbow 500w of sound 70 'recognizable, inimitable for rock, funk ... If you doubt this, ask yourself pourqui many legendary bassists swear by Ampeg!

Good vintage sound (Ampeg - PF-210HE)

By fredo_bass, 06/06/2014
It is therefore a baffle mounted 2 * 10 + 1 inch tweeter. Given to 400W
The tweeter is adjustable:-6dB, cut or normal.

Info not found everywhere, the baffle is mounted in close and not bass reflex. Advantage, it can be placed anywhere (near a wall) without changing the sound. Disadvantage, it is big and heavy as it should dampen sound.

An input and an output (for chaining) to jack format. No speakon.

The top is removable with a good mounting system to be able to accommodate the head and cables inside.


This is a HP, is connected and cheek.


Perfect for playing Rock (and the same time it is better for the Ampeg) associated with a low accuracy.

Used with the PF500 head of the same series, the HP digests well as delivers 350W head under 8 Homs. Used on several evenings with an edgy drummer, it takes the shock, HP does not saturate.

The sound is well rounded and quite (too?) Felted, it's even surprising for a 2 * 10 '. I used to play on 15 ', I am amazed with the results.


Used for 6 months in rehearsal and on some evenings.

In the final flip-top feature that allows you to store your head in the cabinet is interesting even if I found it at the beginning gadget.

The Tolex quickly takes shots. The cabinet comes with casters, it changes your life! especially as it weighs a ton (and even more with the head in). Only downside wheels are not lockable.

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