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[Musikmesse] Radial Engineering H-Amp

Radial Engineering announces the Radial H-Amp, a speaker to headphone converter that has been updated from the original spec and is now available for delivery.


The H-Amp is a device equipped with two Neutrik Speakon connectors. One takes the ouput from a loudspeaker like a wedge monitor, connects it to the H-Amp and it converts the speaker signal to a safe level producing a mono output for headphones.


The production version of the H-Amp has been upgraded from one output to two, enabling two musicians to share the same feed, the manufacturer says. Because the H-Amp is also able to be driven directly from a power amplifier, multiple H-Amps can be used in series by connecting through using more Speakon NC4 cables.


Each output is equipped with a separate level control plus a three-band filter set can be inserted into one of the headphone outs to alter the signal should two different types of headphones be connected at the same time.


The book-end construction is designed to provide a protective barrier around the switches, controls and connectors. A full bottom no-slip pad provides both mechanical isolation and electrical insulation.


For more, visit Radial Engineering.