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User Review

Chouby's review - Behringer Eurodesk MX8000

Nothing to add to what has been said already. Truly impressive connection options for the price. The direct outs are particularly useful. I use it in my home studio to record and mix together with an Akai DtD. I use my PC for midi.


Very, very comprehensive and simple. 8 buses and 6 auxs. And inserts and direct outs on every channel. The routing is very flexible. Personally, I have a lot of fun routing the direct outs to other tracks.


This is where you start understanding the price. Namely:
- It's not very transparent. Although that's a matter of taste.
- The preamps are noisy when you crank up the level.
- The pots aren't precise. It can be exhausting to adjust a send/effect, for example.
- Equalizer? Really? There's an EQ: Without a doubt its weakest point. Fortunately, thanks to the flexible routing, you can get round the problem processing the signal with a real EQ. Personally, I use the mixer's EQ for backup vocals and use specific rack gear for the main vocals.


I bought it secondhand and have been using it for 7/8 years. One channel doesn't work anymore and 2 or 3 faders have issues.
I love the number of channels and the ultra-comprehensive configuration possibilities. The least: The EQ.
I tested a Spirit. But I needed more channels.
Exceptional value for money (in my particular case). I would certainly buy it again.
Although I will soon switch to a PC-based setup (Motu 24 I/O + Cubase 4), I'll keep my console around to write songs, as a "mixer" for my rack gear and when my friends come over to jam. I will use it very little to record or mix.
To sum it up: I'm very satisfied with the services this nice console has provided me.