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User Review

Oliviercool's review - Behringer Eurorack UB1202FX

This is a tiny analog mixer 12 / 1 / 2, that is to say 12 inputs external effects returns included 4 with inputs for microphones, and effects of a departure Master 1 bus stereo (remote jack and RCA). Is equipped with an internal effects processor with stereo effects return is not included in the 12 entries - so use it instead of an external processor can save a pair of physical inputs. With phantom power, but without making an insert on the 4 mic inputs. Dimensions: 25 x 22 cm (external Power Box not included), rare!

Possible settings on channels 1 to 4, in order:

Input Gain with Clip LED





Starting volume effects


Volume knob instead of on the fader.

Possible settings on channels 5-12, in pairs, in order:

+4 DB sensitivity switch or -10 dB

Starting volume effects



Possible settings on both channels of the internal effects return:
Volume only.

Possible settings on the master section:
On a single master volume fader.

Effects contained in the internal effects processor:
100 effects in total: 40 reverbs delays + 20 + 14 + 6 modulation effects of voice pitch (PITCH) and 20 multi (several types of mixed effects).

All inputs are XLR and / or 6.3 mm jack symmetrical and all outputs are 6.3 mm jack unbalanced. With a copy of the Master bus and phono input on recorder back cinch.


It is a musico dude that just buy it for himself, he who needs ultra-portable stuff to animate the evenings and I had the opportunity to try it for a few hours. Yet much smaller than a Mackie 1202 VLZ, we believe it because it has the same knobs! ^ ^

Behringer has done what an achievement in terms of compactness after the tiny Eurorack UB1002 and UB1002FX October 1 entries exceptionally small (approx. 19 x 22 cm !!!), here by his "little big brother", version 4 mic inputs this micro table.

Well, we had to do a lot of concessions to get there: the British EQ is available on the four mic inputs, insert jacks abscence of a single set of FX SEND jack that feeds the FX and the effects processor (it takes so the volume of the internal effects return to zero if you do not want to use with an external processor), returns to external effects are among 12 entries, buttons instead of rotary faders for volume, VU meters - 20 dB + 6 dB in only 2 x 3 leds (CLIPs saturation not included), with the general volume fader LEDs that borders the first of these which makes them not very visible, a single fader for master volume and a box with external power, the format of the connector that plugs into the console owner. They even have the economy of a button ON / OFF.

The effects processor is ultra-simple to use: you select the preset with a notched knob (this is the only one that is notched for that matter) and is validated by pressing the same button and there it is ^ ^ Well, of course, is only the factory presets, you can not make custom effects settings but with good ^ ^


The sounds have rarely been the highlight of Behringer, and this is confirmed here. The sound causes chills because it is so cold and soulless, the reverb processor internal effects are mostly true "soup" and often differ little from one preset to another. Other effects are mostly amusing, especially those affecting the pitch of the voice (the effects PITCH), and some modulators rings are in good order. Some delays are pretty good too.

Signal to Noise found net - ie with only 2 channels + master fader to 0 dB open and set to music as loud as possible without saturating the preamp level: about 72 dB, which is just right.

In other words, not with this table we will be able to make recordings serious but enough to make small animations, you just do it to her coldness ^ ^


But anyway, for the price (approx 200 CHF new), we can not ask for the moon either and I must say that in terms of compactness, I have rarely seen better.


Ultra-compact 12 entries, rare!

With internal effects processor, which is rare for a table as compact!

Effects other than reverb well made ^ ^


Its cold

Reverbs built not terrible

Unbalanced outputs

No insert jacks

No button Power On / Off

For my part, I will take probably never Behringer for tables mix - except for Behringer Eurorack Pro RX1602: they have no mic preamps tables since it is line-level rack. Well, it is true that the price is unbeatable but at some point give it better to pay more for a chouille a marked improvement ^ ^

Here in Switzerland, music stores - at least those I know - have difficulty with Behringer because they earn virtually no margin above or almost! They need to order large models or making bulk orders so that they are interested ^ ^

The closest competitor is the Phonic AM440D (with built-in effects processor) or the Phonic AM440 (without built-in effects processor). It has roughly the same shape (it looks a Behringer!), A few millimeters it has the same dimensions and especially it has the same architecture: it is a 12 / 1 / 2, with the same settings as possible. But already, she stands out from the Behringer with a pair of master output: it&#39;s balanced TRS Jacks 6.3, the departure of its effect remains when unbalanced. In addition, in its effects processor, it has a few more test frequency generators including a pink noise. And all this, in the same price! ^ ^

Other variants of this model, from closest to farthest:

Behringer Xenyx 1202FX: That&#39;s exactly the same but with XENYX mic preamps (better I do not know, I&#39;ve never tested, but for 50 CHF more, we can not expect great miracles - just a chouille probably better).

Behringer UB1202: The same but without the effects processor.

Behringer Xenyx 1202: The same processor but without effect, however Xenyx preamps.

Behringer UB1002FX: The same but with 2-channel microphone instead of 4 to 10 entries instead of 12.

Behringer Xenyx 1002FX: The same channels but with 2 pickups instead of 4 to 10 entries instead of 12 - with XENYX preamps.

Behringer UB1002: The same channels but with 2 pickups instead of 4 to 10 entries instead of 12 - and without the effects processor.

Behringer Xenyx 1002: The same but with 2-channel microphone instead of 4 to 10 entries instead of 12 - without effects processor with Xenyx mic preamps.