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User Review

Grebz's review - Behringer Xenyx 1002FX

Small analog console not too bulky. For detailed specifications, I refer you to the page

Initially, I had gone to buy the Yamaha MG10 / 2, but the store did not have in stock and pointed me on this Behringer. Knowing the reputation of the brand, I hesitated. Maybe I should have refused, but ultimately, it's not a bad purchase.

However, the scope of the 10 entries, is the marketing scam. Specifically, we can not handle more than 6 instruments / microphones at the same time, the stereo inputs are regarded as two entries. Of course, it's not just Behringer that practice this method, everyone does, but it's annoying.


Easy to use, there's no need to get out of engineering school to turn buttons. It is also necessary to know which way to turn!

I have a stereo amplifier coupled to a pair of stereo speakers, an internal SoundBlaster sound card for games, sound card Edirol FA-101 for music connected a pair of active monitor speakers.

I was tired of turning on or off a particular amp or monitors such software to switch to another, or to listen to a disc from my computer or my chain, so I bought the single table in order to control volumes from a single material.

All is well and respect my needs, it does its job, in that it includes what I need.

I've never used the table to record or effects and EQ included.


This console is very transparent, I do not feel any coloration in the sources that I branch. No breath no longer listening, and as I do not use it to record, I do not comment on that.

As for EQ, I never had the opportunity to use it, nor built-in effects (reverb, delay, etc.).


The Xenyx for me in recent months that I have (about May 2007, at 99 euros Woodbrass).
I do not need effects or that it offers as many entries (whatever that may serve me occasionally), but it provides a transparent sound and fulfills the role that I assigned.
It would have been a shame to spend more for a console which I do not use the capacity fully.