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User Review

Should not expect much from this table - Reviews Behringer Xenyx 1202

Four XENYX mic preamps
3-band EQs "British" neo-classical
One post-fader aux send per channel for external effects
Main mix outputs plus separate control room, headphones and stereo CD / tape
CD / tape inputs assignable to main mix or control room and headphones
Function "FX to control room" for the auxiliary control signal through the headphones and control room
60 mm faders and knobs closed


Simple configuration, manual clear but not overly used.


Its level not worry, nothing is heard.
I mainly used to connect my amp head and my MP3 player, it worked very well.
Against by plugging a guitar + bass (or electric heater) I had the impression that the table limit its frequency in short rendering was not terrible.


I am not a connoisseur on mixer but taking into account the price it is a good meal to start. Still not persuade her to remain living in your gear.