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User Review

Simple and very cheap - Reviews Behringer Xenyx 502

Most of Behringer’s mixers are up and down with me, as well with all of the gear they make. Sometimes it is of great quality and some times its not. This Xenyx 502 is one of those units that is on that border line between good and not so good. It is a 3 channel mixer with a preamp. It has 2 stereo channels and CD outs.
This unit is very small, but more importantly it is affordable for almost any budget. It only cost 45.00 dollars and it is one of the smallest mixers that I have ever used or seen in person. It has a 2 band EQ and Rotary level controls. The Xenyx 502 has some good features and for the price you really don’t have anything to lose. The issue is , the quality of how its built could be better, but for this price there is no way could really expect more. This unit is really light and plastic like. If it gets hit hard enough or dropped I wouldn’t be surprised if all the knobs broke off.


The Xenyx 502 does have phantom power, but no effects and it can not connect to your computer via USB. So it is more of like a cheap old school mixer without computer connectivity. With no channel inserts, no talkback and no direct outputs it sounds like this mixer would not be good for anything. But it is good for small analog projects.


Bottom line is , don’t get this mixer if you need on board effects or more than a 3 band EQ. But if you need something really cheap and simple then this could be a great first mixer to have. I don’t see anyone using this mixer for more than 8 months to a year, without it breaking or the person “growing” out of it.


The Xenyx 502 is a quiet little unit, but don’t plan on using it long. I just don’t think it can hold up. Great for a beginner or someone who needs a mixer and doesn’t have money to get a good one. You will eventually need to get a different one though.