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Looptrotter upgrades its Satur-8

Looptrotter will launch in April an upgraded version of its Satur-8 summing mixer and saturator that will support up to 24 inputs.

With this new Satur-8/24, you’ll be able to sum and mix 24 channels. Channels 1 to 8 are also routed to saturation/harmonic enhancer stages in order to obtain a distortion that is comparable to what was found on old tape recorders and tube consoles.

Each of the 8 channels includes an LCR switch that allows for managing the pan in the stereo field. These 8 first channels also feature a D-Sub direct output.

The 16 remaining channels are directly summed and sent to the stereo output without passing through the distortion stages.

The Satur-8/24 also includes a stereo output level control and insert points that allow for adding external stereo processors such as compressors and EQs. You’ll also find a Magic button to add depth and focus to the sound and widens the stereo field. Last, Master and Monitor outputs are available, as well as 2 VU-meters and expansion slots that allow for increasing the number of saturation blocks to 16 if needed.

The Satur-8/24 will be available mid-April exclusively through the KMR Audio network. Pricing announced is £2,100 VAT included. More info soon at