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User Review

Still no substitute, best line mixer out there... - Reviews Mackie LM-3204

Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I use not only the Mackie LM-3204 mixer with master section, but also 2 of the ultra-rare slave (LM-3204E) units daisy chained to the master via ribbon cable for my home studio. The setup gives me 48 stereo channels in fairly compact space. I've got at least a dozen synths most of which have multiple analogue outputs and I like to be able to make use of all of them. With the Mackie, I can do just that. Everything can stay connected, so no messing with cabling, I can just turn the studio on and get straight to work. The mixer is very clean, it doesn't add noise and has excellent headroom. I bought the master 2nd hand about the year 2000 and over the next 10 years I found the LM-3204E slaves one by one on eBay. I choose the Mackie mostly because there was nothing else in the market that came close and sadly today, it's very much the same, nothing new has really emerged in stereo line mixers. What good about this setup is 16 clean stereo inputs per module, good headroom and solid reliability. What's not so good? All the AUX Sends are post gain, I would have liked the option to switch to pre-gain as needed. Lastly, there are just 2 buses, the main-mix and the ALT3-4 bus. More would always be better, but I have learnt to live with just the 2 stereo busses.