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User Review

Preamps need work - Reviews Samson Technologies MDR1064

The MDR1064 is a 10 channel mixer (stereo), it comes with 6 preamps and an on board EQ. This unit is built well to be as inexpensive as it is. All of the knobs are on their good and have a nice resistance to them. This unit gives you the 3 band EQ on all channels and has 6 ¼ inputs. There are no effects or talk back functions on this unit. This mixer is a table top style of mixer and it cannot be racked. That is ok but still frustrating because the size of the mixer will take up a lot of your table top space with it being over a foot wide and over a foot in depth. It is very light but if you are using it in a club then your workspace is limited and every inch of workspace counts. That is the reason I had to pass up on this mixer and the fact that it has no on board effects kind of turned me off and made me not want to use it anymore.


When it comes to the preamps on this unit, I would have to say that they are average at best. There are plenty of Yamaha and Behringer mixers that are 10 channels but have much better preamps and they are also a little cheaper than this is. When purchasing a mixer your preamps are a huge deal breaker and the decision should not be taken lightly.


The MDR1064 does not generate a hiss from the unit or preamps and the sound quality that is gives you is ok. It is a bonus that all of the channels have a 3 band EQ on them so you can get some light EQ work done in the spur of a moment to get the sound that you need.


Value for the price is not bad, but Yamaha and Behringer have way better preamps than this unit does.