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User Review

Filinthe's review - Sound Devices 302

It is very small and not intended to be "rack", as its connectors occupy the two sides. But DIYers have enough imagination to fix it in a rack if necessary (as preamp).
3 inputs (Mic / Line), supplied individually (or not) into 12 volts or 48 volts.
Each channel can be rotated left, right or center.
Symmetrized two XLR outputs, one stereo output "general public" on mini-XLR.
1 stereo input "general public" on mini XLR.
A back camera mini-jack 3.5.
A low-cut filter per channel: Neutral / 80 Hz / 160 Hz
A phase switch on channel 2.
The "monitoring" is very comprehensive, it even includes a demosaicing of listening "MS Stereo".
Headphone very powerful and clear, can act out as well.
The two LED indicators, which can adjust the brightness and choose the ballistic, are very nice, day and night.
A generator of 1000Hz and an integrated microphone announcement. Multiple configurations are available quickly through menu. (Output, ballistic indicators ...) A checklist is supplied with plastic, to go to the most urgent.
The internal power supply with 3 LR6 batteries, too tight.


What's the point? :
This is a "mixer" portable bipiste or stereo, sound engineers intended to accompany television journalists, documentary filmmakers, among others and is, most of the time, connected to the camera, cable, its two XLR outputs. (Two departures + return)
It can also be used as a microphone preamplifier, before a recorder, for any type of sound recording independently.
The device is lightweight (800 grams) without the cover and the harness, and compact, so you can relieve the neck of the operator.
This implies that the switches are discrete and handle with care.


The sound is clear and precise, with all types of microphones, dynamic, electrostatic, even entry-level microphones. (I use it mainly with a Neumann Kmr81, semi-canon. Excellent microphone)
No equalizer Of course, just the low-cut filters to "clean up" the sound in the environment "hostile", or windy, too loaded at the bottom of the spectrum.


I have since 2003, and I use in my work as sound engineer, in literature, on the ground in all weathers, in a cover-measure (AudioBag) and the harness (Camrade), essential accessories as well as the Sennheiser HD25, light and neutral.
I like its compactness, and speed of implementation, modularity, its enormous potential (but still does the same).
Sound quality.
I had to add an external power jack on the Hirose (7.2 volt camcorder battery), too low to increase its autonomy. Now I have almost three days of battery life!
Great price, for services rendered, (1800 Euros, naked) and compared to its big sisters having an input again, weighing over 3 pounds bare, and sometimes cost more than 6000 Euros ...!
I almost never use 4 inputs at the same time for 7 years I do this job, on every continent!
I know the main mixers on the market, and this is without doubt, the most practical. "It does the job."
I trust her, and also in the sense of Engineers Sound Devices, which are also real digital recorders, compact and