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User Review

Very Good - Reviews Alesis Micron

Analog modeling synthesizer, 37 keys .....
Nothing to add, everything has already been said.

on the other hand, it is necessary to update with OS1 .10 for the sequencer, it provides longer patterns, fabric and the LFO.


To setup, very simple: a multifunction button. It navigates when one is on the parameter you want to edit, and click on change.
There are also shortcuts available with the keyboard, very convenient to go directly to what you want to change.
3 rotary pots for changing settings (assignable) for the game (X-Y-Z).
2 linear pots (assignable) for modulations. (M1 - M2).
Pitch wheel located above the keyboard, not very common, but this comes in handy during the game!

The manual is very well done and needed to start because, given the number of parameters, the micron is very complete.

For editing sounds like any other synth, an adjustment period is necessary. Having had a lot of synth before the micron is unique in its navigation.

A screen with 2 lines but still allows to display everything but the graphics waveforms, envelopes ....


When I received the micron (purchased by mail) I had never heard what he could do! What motivated my purchase, these are the characteristics (3 oscillators, an incredible number of filters ...).
So the sounds origins are good but cold. But by modifying or creating his own sounds, then we enter into another dimension!
3 waveforms with oscilloscope (Sin, Square, Saw.) Add to this a waveshapping, several types of synchronization between tilt (Hard soft, master / slave ...). Of FM synthesis to "harden" the sounds.

The sound is then passed through a bank of resonant filters: two types can be selected (GMP - HPF - LPF .....) copied on modeling model Moog, Roland TB, ARP ..... A world vintage ahead! The filters can be selected independent or "coupled". Without forgetting the values ​​pre and post filtering.

Envelopes are excellent. and LFO, no complaints.

The effects are few, but effective: Drive: with distortion, RMS limited fuzz.
Modulation: Chorus, Phaser, phaser string.
Reverb and delay.

The vocoder is curious, I have not managed to create a full sound, but modifying those provided in the original banking cool stuff we get, but not up to the rest.

For sounds: Bass: anything is possible, until the sub sounds very distorted TB!
Lead: It was not the quality of a Minimoog, but sounds can be approached without problems.
Pad: Strange, atmospheric, hovering ... Again, superb.
Brass: As with a lot of synth, very generic. Not very developed.
Strings: String coupled with phaser effects and a bandpass filter, the world opens up to you Jarre.
FX original unusable. on the other hand in programming, cosmic, aggressive ...

The sequencer / arp: everything is fully programmable, Drums, bass lines, ..... We choose the number of steps you play in real time or step, the micron entered all the nuances of the game, and played flawless.

Finally, giving full power to Micron, the setup menu: rhythms, sounds and sequences are assigned to the keys of the keyboard parts ... We create opportunities for complex game very quickly.
Only downside: it is quickly overtaken by the polyphony (10 notes).

I tried to get to the point, because there is so much potential that it is impossible to summarize.

The sounds are excellent when reworked, and its huge programming capabilities. Any sound imaginable is possible, and become "alive" thanks to the modulation matrix.


I use it for the out.
It is the focal point of my config. it sounds like a good synth, balance lines Drum / Bass in the manner of a groove.

Many seek a comparison with the microkorg! I used them both, they are different and complementary.
The Micron has more possibility of programming the microkorg has a better vocoder.

I love this synth, and curiously, the three octaves does not bother me to play.
Polyphony can only pop, but it's still manageable!

Very good