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Arturia Analog Modeling Synths

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User reviews on Analog Modeling Synths Arturia products

styx3's review (Origin Keyboard)

By styx3, 29/07/2014
October 1 killer in every sense of the term impossible to enumerate the combinations that can be done with


This synthesizer is extraordinary he will one day sought collector SD because the engines Its flexible in all directions on four levels analog racing beast.


I speak not even so it is too great


Great touch and the ribbon is programmable analog synth That I can tell the number 1 ranking of my personal choit with second lead 4 north and north a1 c is three together is the order of the demonic. It only needs a small RADIAS to do everything Pete.

Vintage synths (Origin Keyboard)

By mrjason, 31/10/2012
The Arturia Origin Keyboard is a 61 key synthesizer, it comes loaded with some really good vintage sounds. The first thing that I notice with the Arturia Origin is how many actual sounds are own it. You will be using these sounds for a long time because it gives you so many of them. It has some of the most classic synths in it like the CS-80, Prophet VS, and Modular (there are a few others that I cannot remember). It has a built in 16 and 32 step sequencer. There are up to 32 voices and it has MIDI in , MIDI out, and MIDI thru.


The Arturia Origin does have an arpeggiator on it and a total of 9 outputs. You can have 1 foot pedal (footswitch) and 1 foot controller plugged in to the Arturia Origin. There are about 10 different effects on this synth. I do wish there were more effects built into it because for the price I would expect to have a lot more. The Arturia Origin is very expensive, I do not own it but I use it at the studio all the time and the effects are the only downfall of the Arturia Origin. The ones it has are very good, but there should be a lot more. They spent a lot of time developing the sounds to model classic synths, but they did not spend time adding effects.


The sounds and presets are great, if you are into vintage sounds then this is a must have because you are getting the sounds from some really good synths. You are getting sounds from boards that cost more than this does.


If you went out and purchased those boards individually you would be spending about 3 times what this keyboard cost. So you can have those vintage synths all in this synth for one decent price.

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Published on 02/05/11
ARTURIA announces that version 1.3 of Origin is now shipping.

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Published on 10/23/10

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