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User Review

moosers's review - Clavia Nord Lead 2

The Clavia Nord Lead 2 is a modern day synth designed to emulate vintage synth sounds, dubbed a "virtual analog" synth. It has a unique pitch shifting stick and a wheel to go along with it. It has all sorts of 1/4 inch inputs and outputs as well as MIDI connections. The Nord Lead 2 is polyphonic, and can be set to be monophonic.


The configuration of the Clavia Nord Lead 2 is pretty in depth, and it has a ton of parameters. Because of this, it takes a little while to figure out what everything does, as this synth is extremely versatile. It is easy to get your basic synth sounds, but there is a great deal of control available to get all sorts of different sounds. The manual is pretty complete and is definitely helpful to have when learning this instrument.


The sounds on the Clavia Nord Lead 2 is great for all types of music, but I use it mostly in rock, pop and electronic music. The analog synth emulation on this keyboard is outstanding, and you can really get a wide array of different sounds, all of which are realistic and effective. The keyboard itself has a good feel and it is overall easy to play. I love using the Clavia Nord Lead 2 for all types of lead synths, pad synths, and bass synths.


I've been using the Clavia Nord Lead 2 for around two years and to me it is one of the best keyboards out there for getting analog synth sounds. It is convenient to have a ton of different synth sounds that you can store digitally and free yourself from the pitfalls of analog gear. The price of the Clavia Nord Lead 2 is set right as it is a high quality piece of gear with great sound quality and a ton of versatilely. All the sounds are realistic and they work great in a wide array of situations and applications. Overall, I highly recommend the Clavia Nord Lead 2 to all who are interested in getting a ton of analog synth sounds in one keyboard.