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Multifaceted Synthesis

Integrating analog modeling, FM synthesis, digital waveforms, and sample playback, the Nord Wave positions itself as a versatile multi-synthesis specialist. Focusing on immediate programming as opposed to navigating through endless menu pages, does it have what it takes to stand out from the rest? read more…

User Reviews

On the road to perfect synth

By fredziak, 07/02/2014
Released in late 2007, the Nord Wave is in line with the famous Nord Lead first "virtual analog" synthesizer history. One could also call it a "Nord Lead extended" his philosophy is to offer the same engine and the same ergonomics but with more diverse oscillators, including integrating sample playback.
I will not describe here all its features and content myself to mention some outstanding points.
First, the quality of design and manufacturing: it is an instrument of pro, and it shows as soon as you touch interface. Nothing to do with most competitors toys!
The sound engine does not reinvent the wheel: subtractive two oscillators, a filter (several types still with a choice between 12 and 24 dB) and modulation possibilities rather conventional. The interest lies in the variety of options on the oscillators between virtual analog wave forms, samples in ROM and RAM and FM synthesis. The machine includes a good chorus, delay, reverb and amp simulation with distortion.
The flash memory can import samples and keep them in the machine. This is a very significant comfort, so much so quickly is its limited size.


Ergonomics is the best I have ever given experiment on a synthesizer. A perfect balance between direct manipulation legacy analog old and modern possibilities. This is probably the biggest highlight Clavia equipment in general.
The keyboard is light and 4 octaves. I was a little afraid that it is limiting but my little clumsy hands there finally feel very comfortable, making it a good compact master keyboard, which I find much better than the Nord Lead despite the apparent similarity. The aftertouch lack of flexibility but it has the merit to exist.
Programs include two independent "slots" that allow bitimbralité. From my perspective, it's not worth a true multitimbral with a notion of separate "performance". In use, I rather consider monotimbral.
The synthesis engine may well be limited, there is plenty to do. I just wish one of the two oscillators do accept samples: I wish I could do more mixes.
Program management and samples is done via a specific software through a USB connection. One can find excellent quality files over the Internet (starting with the manufacturer's website) and prepare or even easily via other software. These programs are effective, but management of the links between programs and samples is sorely lacking in use.


Enjoy the sounds of both the high quality of virtual analog synthesis engine and diversity permitted by the oscillators and import samples. Beyond that, I am regularly amazed by the effectiveness of envelopes and color filter. Can include out very convincing bass.
FM synthesis is efficient, more restrained than a DX7 but easier to access.
The samples used to consider the reproduction of acoustic timbres machine but rather invites you to divert to make synthetic sounds or at least hybrids. Cross modulation distortion and allow the instrument to excel in the sounds flay the eardrum. Nothing, however, forced to abuse and you can also get out of the water silky, beautiful soaring copper or warm vocals. The Nord Wave also shines in the Mellotron sounds with samples directly extracted from the original tapes. Finally, make it digest old analog waves and you get pretty colors ...
Finally, I emphasize that the Nord Wave is a comprehensive as well as the Nord Lead, the sample playback is an option for further VA.


For me, the ideal would be a Nord Wave synth with a little more memory, multitimbral, 3 complete oscillators, multi-layered samples and a larger keyboard. It's been quite a few things to add but the Nord Wave is on track and already a real favorite. It is paradoxical that there is nothing revolutionary on paper, but is extremely effective to use. Indeed, some bikes from there 20 years had a more powerful synthesis engine. But the Nord Wave is much more pleasant to handle. This is true as a musician rather than an instrument for machine engineer. Of course we can regret his few limitations but it is surely the consideration of a philosophy that prefers targeted excellence to mediocrity dispersed. One can only rejoice.

A nice wave from the north, but the last.

By revega, 10/09/2013
The Nord Wave is a synth / sampler digital rather unique hybrid of its kind.

- Modeling Synthesizer and Reading Samples - 49 ratings keyboard velocity sensitive (49 notes) with selection of the octave,
- Multitimbral 2 parts
- 2 oscillators, 6 waveforms + sample playback,
- Filters, low pass, band pass, high pass, "notch" and forming
- Morphing assignable to velocity, the modulation wheel, the pedal control (each function, controlled by a knob, can be controlled by the velocity response or modulation wheel)
- Modulation Wheel, "Pitch Stick"
- LCD backlit,
- 33 knobs, 26 buttons switch for editing,
- 2 LFO
- Section of effects including: - Modeling tube amp
- Reverb
- Levelling serious, acute,
- "Tap" Delay
- Sustain pedal input,
- Pedal input control
- USB port for communication with the editing software,
- Headphone Jack,
- Dimensions: 865x265x90 mm (small and easy to carry)


The use is simple and finally the manual (in English only) provides enough information to not have to turn around too long. The only issue remains unclear in publishing samples via a PC / Mac not really obvious at first interface. Once the hand editing software is simple to sample part. Unfortunately this is prerequisite (for this part) to the computer that just spoils the intuitive use of NORDWAVE. We regret the absence of an 'audio in' on the fly to sample any sound (big plus Korg Micro Sampler for example).
Regarding the synthesis part, everything is done with the knobs available and editing is done with the 'store' button, very easy.


The sound is, let's face it, quite powerful. It was the sound Clavia (love it or do not like) with the key associated with the use of samples makes it a pretty unique instrument finally. As the ability to mix a sample of subtractive synthesis gives a range of possibilities original and very creative (the most important anyway).
While the sound is typed, the brand puts his signature to this level. It is not neutral, it's pretty Metallic, even for samples, very close to that found on the Nordlead 2/3. At first it seemed obvious but with the use and mastery we get to the mix everywhere. And he is doing well the guy with a real dynamic without resorting to a variety of compressors & co.
The party has effect me, but not at all convinced. It's just out side the metallic / digital tear in the ears, I do not like at all. It is best to use an external effects to soften and round the source because NORDWAVE in need, even if it remains a very independent instrument.
Amp modeling lamp is used sparingly because it is a 'simulation' so we quickly capsized in a not very graceful digital distortion. But it is more important for 'dirty' sound.
As for memory, it is clearly insufficient on this machine and it feels like a real frustration to the number of samples that can be imported. It is not dramatic but adding a SD card reader is sorely lacking in the device.
Access to the bank of the Clavia is remarkable and allows NORDWAVE of your desire to become either an emulator acoustic sound very good (Mellotron, String, Brass etc ...) or put LIVE sounds of some old cuckoos Roland, Moog, Sequential Circuits, Arp & co. Excellent!


I use it for a few months and I had already tasted the range of Nordlead.
What interested me is the hybrid appearance sampler / synthesizer and the possibility of merging the two parties. Casually Clavia is the latest brand to have done since the late studio sampler (if I'm not mistaken). A pity that there have no new series corrected and improved (memory, etc. .. in audio) NORDWAVE is because somewhere, the last heir of the samplers / synths / keyboards tailored to the studio.
With this Swedish knife while we have extraordinary opportunities to merge the acoustics of a sample of the analog modeling and it is still quite concrete.
The new price was, I think, a little excessive, but on occasion it is fully justified.
To view the brand does not seem ready to put the cover and the latest copies are now heavily coveted.

Red Alert!

By alterego5, 27/07/2013
For all characteristics has been said in the posts below.


Minimal manual. Fortunately use "construction of his killing" mode is intuitive. Nothing to do with the Japanese competitors linters parameters, level of interwoven menus, and "templates" to help make sense. Here we touch the knob and hear the effect. simple and effective.


THE big highlight of this fabulous machine! For years I looking for a lead sound good singing in the Minimoog
(I use this synth on stage for the Jazz-Rock) never succeed to get the various synthesizers I possesses. The in half an hour it was done!
Often people who come after a talk show set is interested by NORDWAVE. It produces sounds with a lot of personality and "out" in the mix much better than other machines I use (Yamaha S90, Roland XV and Roland JP8000) is the star!
Lead in sounds, tablecloths textural and complex modulations it is remarkable. For sounds acoustic style pianos / violins / brass is not his thing.


The synth + attaching I possesses far. It is light, which is very appreciable for the stage. The sound engineers are often surprised by the "potato" it delivers. on the other hand I find mediocre reliability: it had to go into repair twice in two years: 1 times cramée USB audio output and a part of the deteriorated internal programming socket, one time. In this respect, this is what I explained the technician: in fact Clavia does not capa series of decoupling on the audio output does not denature the sound (they are among the only ones who do like this) and look if there are defects in common mode or "spikes" that back by jacks, the synthesizer is vulnerable. This is embarrassing because on stage is not always mastery configurations => better isolate the audio outputs a DI box.
I hope it will keep for a long time ... otherwise I will replace the same!

The heat of the north

By RecKsSounds, 13/01/2013
Keyboard 49 keys.
Managing virtual analog synth samples.
Bitimbrale (2 bank by allowing you to play two sounds at the same time or in the afternoon, having two instruments).

Software to manage sounds and samples are available on the Clavia site, they are regularly updated.
The bank of samples and sounds are also regularly updated on the betting site.
However, for a long time, no update for the OS NORDWAVE.


The configuration could not be easier.
Two oscillators per slot (so we can get to 4 oscillators) with many options syntheses.
All controls are accessible directly on the panel.
The controls are well explained.
Each section is organized properly.

The manual is good, but not enough. It will grind the knobs, make tests, play with it to understand some of the subtleties.

The NORDWAVE is a synth that we discover little by little, we are not just for a minimum investment.


The sounds are amazing!
Of the sample of banks from Clavia offer a range of sounds really wide. Electro hardcore to acoustic.
There is everything and for everyone.
You will always find the sound that matches what you are looking for. Otherwise, no problems, well, do it yourself!

The sounds can be very realistic, with great piano sounds, very surreal as pushing a little in FM synthesis and operator synthesis analog correctly.

You can do anything, sounds serious, very fat, very little sounds as crystal, through groundwater very trippy.

Effects are not numerous (delay, reverb and distortion), but very effective.

I personally use this keyboard, especially for realistic sounds (bass, piano, violin ...).


This synth is a bomb!
I use it for quite a few years (3 or 4 at least).
Extremely versatile. Clavia sound is present, quality is the rendezvous.
It has the mouth, it is nice and sturdy, short, it is the synth I was looking for years.
Philosophy and analog sampler in a single keyboard.

So, yes the price is a bit high (and still are price has dropped significantly since the time I bought it).
Clavia's gone in another direction, leaving behind NORDWAVE.
But this keyboard is timeless.
I know some users NORDWAVE, and this keyboard is magic!

Personally, I still find him a few flaws:
- It lacks a little arpeggiator
- It's only bi-timbral
- And the big negative is its internal memory, just way too much. It is often necessary to change the internal samples to free up some space and make new ones.
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[Musikmesse] Clavia Nord Wave OS Update

Published on 04/04/09
Clavia has updated Nord Wave's OS to version 2.02.

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