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User Review


Value For Money : Excellent
The Korg R3 Synthesizer is a small format that contains the synthesis engine of Radias more light of course but sending heavy.
To make a quick tour of the main characteristics, it has a keyboard 37 semi-weighted keys, Mono / Stereo XLR outputs, 2 outputs Peal / Switch, MIDI IN / OUT, a mic and line input, USB port and headphone jack. To this we add the vocoder, an arpeggiator and 4 knobs. For more specifications, many forms are available on the site.

R3 to look pretty good right out of the space with her dress drink its red and green LEDs, a mid Alien electro mid vintage, very compact and lightweight and therefore to carry around.


The grip is almost imediate, even for a rookie synthesis with very good ergonomics. The manual is available in PDF in French, quite useful for further utlisation arpeggiator and sound editor. Like for us to talk about the editions of sounds is made easy thanks to the 4 knobs, we regret two more for even more settings, slim size requires. You can always rabatre on KORG sound editing software for PC / MAC, again easy.

First closing ... it is easy to access, it is also one of the most fun synth that I had the chance to test and have.


For general soundscape of R3, there is a lot to say and well. First the quality is bluffing and sounds are deep and striking it brief severe heat transmission and yet I have a lot of personal bikes and test a lot of stuff that gives immediately want to Register and grind.
The sound levels was this mix of Vintage (RHODES, BASS, PIANO ELEC) and electro (PADS, LEADS, MOTIONS, SE ...) really delicious ... and all this combined with the arpeggiator .. . brief even with 128 presets ... there you need where you need ... it's really usable and compos oriented JAZZ, SOUL, RNB, HIPHOP, HOUSE, TECHNO is really a plus and that ages beautifully.
My only disappointment is the abscence of acoustic piano ... I would have liked to hear this synthesis engine that I had a Korg Trinity and M50, I never found the fabulous acoustic pianos Korg compared to Yamaha for example ... but it would have been interesting.

Second closing ... Sounds scour and gives some personality to R3, also made famous by a certain Ryan Leslie! Please!


In the final R3 is the right way to give color and warmth and a little bit of nitro to your compositions without spending hours and hours with 45 knob to grind. This is great for someone who starts as easy to use, ideal to complement another keyboard or Workstation. I realize that this is a technical feat to have succeeded in giving a little Radias format and compact budget. I sold that to a disappointing Korg M50 récement, I realize that today's manufacturers do not offer this kind of quality product at such a price ... to blame the crisis! In any case it is an excellent value for money and I am convinced that the personality of the R3 concept and surely will return in a few spent decades in the pantheon of vintage synth ... A SMALL BOMB PUT BETWEEN ALL HANDS!