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User Review

MrBoutade's review - Korg microKORG

For specifications, see below.


The challenge here was clear: having a maximum patch of modification possibilities for a minimum of space.
When you see the number of opportunities on the same sound, it's really surprising and pleasant.
Surprising because when I bought it, I really do not expect to be able to make as many changes. Nice because even though at first it may seem a little strange (These buttons turn need to go through the different options) you get used to very quickly.
The manual is very clear and well organized.


The sounds are excellent!
For electronica in any case, I find it really good. The soft sounds are perfect. I have more against evil to produce fat sound, but we'll say it's because it's not really what I want, I have to put the bad will, I'm sure it is possible.
The big plus is the arpeggiator, which is truly exceptional: it is simple, you can do everything, everything is adjustable and configurable.
The effects are good, but I lack of benchmarks, however, they still seem a bit light.


I received earlier this year, and I waited a little excitement as the reception drops to give the most objective advice possible.
This synth has allowed me to get closer to the sound of analog, for a very low cost and with sounds that I had not imagined possible at the reception.
If one day I got tired (I highly doubt) I could always convert it into MIDI keyboard.

PS: As the level of effects, I can not really give my opinion on the "hit" on the keyboard.
Before, I had to have the rotten pad MC 307, while next door, this keyboard is velvet.