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User Review

AlexPalmito's review - Korg microKORG

Mini keyboard, not very pleasant and somewhat accurate but hey it's not a Steinway ...
for the rest it is well supplied, full of modifiable parameters (a little boring but it goes)
2 output jack, a microphone jack or minijack between between midi output ...
not enormment presets but unfortunately seen their quality AC simply because I replace them with my little sounds a little !!
there is a software for PC, I do not really serve for now I remain on the beast ...


The edition a bit boring but it's still understandable, the parameters are written in small and me who do not have very good eyes I galere a bit to read on the machine ...
manual and very good, clear and concise (and it's been fun saw that MUST READ THE MANUAL OF YOUR MACHINE if you want to use the maximum)


The presets are very average for my taste but the bass that are just incredible !! (attention your HP !!) after having used hundreds vsti I can tell you it's been nothing, but really nothing to do! !dropoff window
the rest is cool without being phenomenal, the vocoder is nice (if not using the original microphone which is a micro computer has 1 euro!), the arpegiatteur is not bad at all, I ' still uses a bottom but I'm on it ...
practices and the effects are not too bad (the equalo does his job, hence the big bass among others ...)
if you take the time to get its presets I think it can really sound terrible


I've had 6 months ... I was looking for a true analog becaufe lass "small sound" vsti ... but I wanted anyway MIDI ... I test this little monster into a store and I immediately craqu especially for the price !!

the edition is not very pleasant but it is essential if we really want to get something out of the beast becaufe presets are particularly bad for my taste (techno sounds of the 90's ...) except some bass presets that are fantastic.
hey it is surely not sound as well as a moog, arp or other, but frankly the Low is stunning! (Attention to speakers, they may take a hit if they are tired !!)

if you are looking for a synth that sounds cheap and it's worth it provided you have the patience to program his own sounds (or you could use 4 sounds !!)