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User Review

little better - Reviews Roland SYSTEM-1

Synth. analog modeling as a Roland knows how to make
Keyboard touch strange (a test before purchase) but we made it
To see details of functionalized see the Roland website or the countless tests on google
Close enough JP8000 and other Gaia (less powerful)
Monophonic, polyphonic 4-way
As a bonus, a proper arpegiatteur and without the now classic Stutter present throughout the range Aira. the latter is mainly due to the arpegiatteur
Section correct but simplistic effects, reverb and delay unchangeable

simplistic connectivity, audio, MIDI, USB (with audio)
no input damage

8 factory sounds (and yes only 8 memory slots !!!!!!!) catastrophic sounds


Simple configuration, access VCO, Mixer, VCF, VCA, LFO, 2 ADSR envelopes easy and clear
Minimalist Manual
Good ergonomics

It comes to "big plus" (as Roland); Plug Out
simple installation after recording / download on the dedicated website
the only one available at the moment is that the HS -101


As noted, the factory sounds are pathetic but after a few simple changes you can feel the potential of the machine
Now to the plug out SH-101 (available in VST3 and AU, 32 and 64 bits)
Of its launch some keyboard commands go out becoming unavailable to respond to the configuration of the original SH (VCO-2 for example)
The is the slap, big sounds, without artifacts or aliasing
Emulation grand old SH
Also note that once downloaded the synth plug out remains usable even if you disconnect the USB


After the TB-3, TR-8, I bought the System-1 there are 10 days
First impressions mixed, then, when we look a little on the beast we feel the potential
In analog synth emulation I have or have had Clavia, Access, Yamaha AN1X a JP8000 and Gaia and clearly the system-one pales .....

The big plus is clearly the concept of plug out
The SH101 is a great start, rest whether Roland will continue its momentum with the development of other synths Legendre

in other words; it is URGENT to wait ........